Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Midweek Gratitudes


I had a mtg this morning with the district, principal, resource head, kindergarten teacher, therapists, and O's mom. Last night I consulted with an attorney and was told I have a case against the district. So today at the end of the meeting, with the agreement of O's mom, I told the group that I had consulted an attorney and we had demands. We want DD's and O's para aide returned to them by Monday or our next mtg will be with a lawyer.

I bawled through the whole speech. I was calm. I wasn't angry. But the stress of everything these past 6-7 weeks coupled with Lauren's medical news from the weekend have really worn me down.

Serenity now.

This afternoon I sent an email to everyone in the mtg to let them know that I was grateful for their compassion and that I truly did not consider them to be adversaries. We agree on everything but one issue.

O's mom and I waited around for the girls to be done with school and talked outside. It breaks our hearts to have to go in this direction but we truly feel like there are no other solutions. We're grateful for the friendship our daughters have together.

My first gratitude!....

1. I'm grateful for DD's friendship with 'O'. DD talks about her friend daily and prays for her at night. O's mom and I want the friendship to continue all through school and beyond.

2. I'm grateful for DD's kindergarten teacher and resource head. They truly do have my daughter's best interest at heart. They've had to work around so many complications these past 6-7 weeks. I feel that they've been caught in the middle as much as we have.

3. I'm grateful for sunshine. I'm sitting in my computer nook with sun pouring through the tall windows. I'm liking this light therapy. It is doing wonders for my attitude right now.

4. I'm grateful for wonderful friends. I just received a call from a dear neighbor. She is pregnant and due in April. She just offered to come over and either help plant my garden when its time or plant it for me if its during DD's surgery time. This neighbor was the first to greet us at church when we moved here. She is utterly selfless with her time and talents. She is one of those people I look at in awe and believe she already has her ticket to the Celestial Kingdom.

Another dear friend, whose daughter with Ds went through heart surgery, emailed to share a very personal experience that happened to her before surgery. I needed that story and that testimony. Tons of gratitude for that.

Another friend whose daughter with Ds went through heart surgery, emailed to share her experience in the temple . I needed that, too. Sending gratitude.

I've also received emails from friends near and far telling me that they are praying for us and offering help if they live in Idaho or Utah. To all of you, I am deeply grateful for you, too. Its wonderful to feel loved.

5. I'm grateful for a very dear and very smart brother. He knows why. On top of that, he has offered to make me dinner next time I visit Utah. How can I refuse that from another foodie? Sending cyber hugs to you.

I'm in desperate need to give service right now and think outside of me and my needs for a while. I've learned how to crochet baby hats and booties for the Newborn kits the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints sends to Central and South America and Africa. I'm on my third hat and putting a lot of love into it. I'm off to spread a little more love right now.


The Country Mouse said...

I wish I could give you a hug with skin on it. Just remember that you are strong and brave and loving and generous, and you have friends that love you, and a God that is bigger than anything this world can throw at you.

The Country Mouse said...

I can't find your e-mail address, but I wanted you to know I really appreciate the card you sent! And last week, you mentioned that you will be fasting and praying for me on the 9th and 10th. I can't tell you how much that means to me. I will be holding on to that the whole time. :)

mum2brady said...

Carrie - hope things are improving with the school thing. Loved your gratitudes! You need to post some pics of your hats and booties - I wanna see! You are so talented!

BTW - I've given you a blogger award, check it out at Brady's Bunch :)