Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Gratitudes

The sky is blue. The weatherman promised a beautiful day. The best part is proof in the pictures above. Those are my mini daffodils that I planted last fall. Spring is finally coming to my area and I am going to enjoy all of it.
Things I am grateful for:
1. One good thing about having church later in the day is that I now prepare a gorgeous bed-and-breakfast style breakfast and our family sits down together two times in one day. I put church music on the Bose system (today it will be Paul Cardall). We read scriptures after breakfast. Its really helps our Sabbath start our right.
2. Driving with Mr. Wonderful. When we were newly married and poor, our date nights consisted of going on drives. We would look at houses or explore a new area. We did it again for our date night this week. We talked for hours about everything and nothing. Afterwards we tried out a new-to-us restaurant. It was so good to be together.
3. Cold meds. Since I really am partial to breathing, I appreciate drugs that allow me to do so when the nasty viruses make their way around my family. I"m not sure if Mr. Wonderful or DD gave me this one.
4. Every fall I make an effort to plan flower bulbs. I hate doing it but I love the results in the spring.
5. I have now finished 10 baby hats which I am going to give to the children's hospital when DD has her surgery. I love the feel of soft baby yarn. I love finding bright colors for the project. I love that I have found a new hobby that doesn't break the bank the way framing my cross-stitch pieces did.
6. Finding a really good new book to read. Its getting harder to find books that move me. Its getting harder to find books that aren't offensive. The last one I loved was Three Cups Of Tea. It was so wonderful that I loved adding it my book collection. The latest book I read for book club was so offensive to me that I threw it away. I didn't finish half of it.
I'll finish this tonight. Breakfast is ready....


Val said...

Yea for drugs when you're sick! I'll have to give that book a try. Just got to finish up those addictive Twilight books first!

mum2brady said...

ohhh - hope you're feeling better soon!

Your new hobby sounds wonderful - I'm still trying to figure out how you manage to fit everything in - you are amazing :)

Thanks for sharing your gratitudes!!!