Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Gratitudes


March is almost gone. There so much to be grateful for:

1. Angels here on earth. I have already mentioned three this past week. Let me add a few more. One of my ward members, while playing the organ postlude after Sacrament Meeting, told me about her son having open heart surgery when he was 11 days old. Hearing her story and her positive attitude about the whole thing really bolstered me. The lesson today in RS was about having a broken heart and contrite spirit. The teacher broke down the definitions for Broken, Heart, Contrite, and Spirit. Some of it I already knew. All of it was important for me to hear. A doctor in our ward shared his testimony today of how Christ has already shouldered our fears, sadness, and every difficulty we have ever faced. Hearing his testimony strengthened mine.

2. My in-loves. They put up with us this week as we stayed with them over Spring Break. My mother-in-love tried to teach the boys to play ukulele and hula. My father-in-love satisfied every craving of my sons to watch sports as he had a game on the TV every night. We tried to clean up after ourselves and keep relatively quiet, but.....well I guess my in-loves are used to being around boys since they raised six of them.

3. Uneventful (re: safe) travels. No problems there or back and I was driving without Mr. Wonderful. My sanity was tested and I survived.

4. Good music. I watched Music and the Spoken Word this morning as I finished a baby hat. It was wonderful to listen and let it wash over me. I love hearing that choir sing.

5. Healthy babies. My newest niece is perfect in every way. I'm grateful she made it safely. I'm grateful she wasn't born in the van (although it would have made for a great birth story).

6. Miracles. Check out my parents blog on their latest endeavor in DRC. How they were able to collect all those things and transport them to the designated site is more than a multitude of miracles. I loved the pictures. Their mission makes me more aware of the everyday things of which I am grateful.

7. My Crockpot. Nothing tastes quite as good as dinner on Fast Sunday, especially since it was already cooked as soon as I walked in the door this afternoon. Dinner on the table in the time it takes to make gravy and bake rolls.

8. Living Prophets. General Conference is next week. My family watches it in our pajamas with all of our favorite snacks, and cuddled in quilts. I love the talks, the music, and the answers to prayers that always seem to come with every session.

The First Presidency

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