Friday, August 29, 2008

And behold, thus endeth the first week of the nontraditional student (on an embarrassing note) among the people of Idaho.

I can't believe I said that.

Not that. (Looking at the title.) THAT! (looking below)

In Comm class today we were talking about misunderstood communication. Professor was relating an experience about conversing online. She wrote down the following letters on the white board and asked if anyone knew what they stood for:


(I can just see my online Cookies, hands waving wildly in the air, jumping up and down and yelling "I know! Oh, I know!")

No one knew but me. "They stand for Dear Daughter and Dear Husband". Impressed sounds emitted from the class. They were amazed that the nontraditional anti-texting student was so wise.

My teacher asked if they meant anything else.

"Well, it could also mean D*mn Husband, depending on how mad you were at him".


*me thinking to myself* I meant to say Darn Husband. Really I did!...I don't swear...I can't believe I just said that.....

The professor went on as if nothing had happened. I was thoroughly mortified. (I am sure my Cookies are shocked. My family will be shocked. I know, I need to repent...)

I participated in the class more today and sounded fairly intelligent, talking about rhetoric. I wasn't sure if I should apologize to the class for swearing. I took the coward's way out and apologized to the professor after the class. She was very gracious and hopefully understood when I repeated that I do not swear, that I do not have that kind of vocabulary.

I called Dear Husband (I would NEVER call him that other word) aka Mr. Wonderful on the way home to relate the story. He laughed. He told me it was a Freudian slip.

I didn't realize until now what he meant. Should I get him flowers? Make his favorite dinner? While I figure out a way to apologize, I am sure he is still laughing about it.


Farrell and Marilyn Barlow said...

You will never change. I can't stop laughing.

chronicler said...

I can't believe you were the only person in the room who knew what it meant!!!!! Wow.

Haley said...

I think it's hilarious. You have nothing to worry about.

Soozcat said...

You know, Carrie, you were probably the most embarrassed person in the room. I'm willing to bet most of your classmates have heard (and no doubt a majority have said) FAR worse.

I know what you mean, though. I've said a few things in classroom situations that have made me want to crawl under my desk--or blurt out by way of explanation, "I'm sorry, I had a bowl of STUPID for breakfast!"

There's a reason why Communications is a college-level class.

Angela said...

Oh Carrie. You're so funny. That's nothing. Just wait until you have a college professor who uses much worse language and tells you it's just a part of life. I've had that. I'll bet not one person even was phased. :) You should come to my house sometime. I'm embarassed to say that may be my childs first word.

Tandy said...

Oh my goodness that is too funny! Sadly, I have heard far worse from some of my instructors at school! Thanks for sharing!

Emma said...

Shame, Shame.

Mike said...

(Amy said) --- Oh, so funny! I usually let things like that slip after watching a movie with that kind of verbage, like "Stand By Me."

Kenly was SO EXICTED by your comment!!!! She has 3 years until her first prom and will hold your son to his promise. (By the way, she will be wearing pink.)