Friday, August 01, 2008

Running update:

Today I ran a full mile without stopping. We took 1 minute breaks between each mile. It was hard (my legs were tired) but my breathing was okay. K said that we don't' need the breaks any more and wants to take them out next week.

My record so far was a 12:02 average. Today we ran an average of 11:43 . If you take out the walks, we averaged 11:19

1st mile: 11:04
2nd mile: 11:34
3rd mile: 11:20

Total: 3.18 miles in 37:15.

No weight loss this week (no gain either). I was fully expecting to be down 2 lbs. Weigh in is supposed to be tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to it. I really thought the weight would be dropping fast by now. I guess I'll just be grateful for the PR in running and my Non Scale Victory (NSV) with the library doors.

I should head back to the library today.


Melissa said...

Don't get discouraged, Carrie. You're doing awesome. And the weight loss will come. But listen, you're getting stronger everyday and that's what counts. Your heart is getting a boost every time you exercise, so celebrate what you're accomplishing. It's wonderful! Good for you!!

run4fun said...

Tuesday, a sister in our ward was asking me how the running group was going. Out of the blue she says, "I've noticed some in your group are starting to trim down, and Carrie has really slimmed down!". Don't pay too much attention to the weight when you are dropping pant sizes! You look fabulous, and everyone is noticing!

Farrell and Marilyn Barlow said...

Quit worrying about pounds. Your last pic in the slide show looked awesome and a mother ought to know. Here comes my beauty queesn!