Friday, August 22, 2008

Forget Anything?

Lined paper, printer paper, colored paper - check.

Binders, dividers, pocket folders, composition books - check.

Crayons, markers, colored pencils, #2 pencils, highlighters, dry erase markers - check.

Glue sticks and Elmer's glue - check.

Ziplocs (quart and freezer size), Kleenex, hand sanitizer - check.

Calculators, compass sets, clear rulers - check.

Agenda books, backpacks, lunch boxes - check.

Gym uniforms, shoes, school clothes, more shoes, haircuts - check.

College textbooks - check.

Classroom activity fee checks (two of them!), magazine checks, high school fees checks, middle school fees check, Swim team fees check, swim gear check, soccer fees check (two of them!), textbook check, college tuition check- check. (Might as well hand over the entire darn checkbook *grumble*)

(oops, forgot a briefcase or messenger bag for me, unless I want to haul everything in a recycled Hello Kitty sparkly pink backpack.)

Does anyone remember the age when all we took on the first day of school were items that fit in one small pencil box?


Tandy said...

Carrie, what are you studying in school? Good luck! I am currently wishing I had a couple more weeks of summer...or that I miraculously finished fall semester in a week and it was time for winter break. It will be here soon enough, I guess.

Tandy said...

Oh wait, I read your other post about going back to school and figured out where you're heading.

I think it's good to start with a smaller (?) credit load. I had 13 credit hours last semester and it was tough! Your kids are older though...which means they are probably busier with activities than mine!

I have to say going back to school hasn't been as bad as I'd expected as a mom. I think it's a great example for my kids, and I do appreciate/enjoy getting some time for myself where I'm doing something worthwhile. Can't say I'll be sad when I'm done though...16 months to go!

I hope you don't mind me following your blog. :)

Chaotic Joy said...

YES! I was just talking about this with my girlfriends. AND Now we are also expected to provide the school with extra copy paper etc. My son's high school even asked for a zip drive and a $140 graphing calculator. August has replaced Christmas as our most expensive time of year.

thanks for coming by my place and offering some encouragement. I am having a "Can I spend the day locked in the closet? Or can the kids?" kind of morning.