Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Slowly acclimating...

I found a person I know in my Psych and my Art class. She has worked at my elementary school and has even subbed as The Love Magnet's aide once or twice. She is also the person who found The Love Magnet last year on the second day of school when TLM ran away. (Needless to say, I really like this person.) School doesn't feel so lonely now.

My Psych teacher is a profiler in his other life (Anyone else watch Criminal Minds?) He swears in nearly every sentence (no apologies about it), and his goal is to make sure everyone is capable of getting an A if they do the work. He did warn us that he might have to miss class once in a while if he has an arraignment to attend. Hmmmm. A Character (with a capital 'C') teaching us about characters.

My Art teacher plans on bringing in hands-on projects as well as teaching the basics on art and art history. Her first question to us? "What is art?" (Does the Picasso that The Love Magnet drew all over my living room windowsill - in blue Sharpie,mind you - count?) "Who is an artist?" (Apparently, The Love Magnet. ) "What makes art good?" (Anything that doesn't make Me-The-Mom yell at you.) Oh, yeah, I'm going to get an A.

Still have yet to experience my anatomy class. Just printing out the first lesson notes makes me nervous as I am wondering why the university didn't list Chemistry as a pre-req.

In the meantime, The Love Magnet had a great second day of school. She participated in everything and did not push buttons. Thirdborn still likes school. Secondborn loves gym (saw that one coming) and Firstborn says he needs a new guitar for his music class. He won't take mine as he does not want to be responsible for it. He has generously offered to pay for half of his new guitar (I wonder if I should generously offer to pay for the other half? Or do I leave him with half of a guitar?)


mum2brady said...

Sounds like everyone is settling in :) I'm glad you are liking your classes, I know you will do well! Your psych class sounds interesting, I'm sad I never had such a colorful character as any of my psych profs at BYU (that's what I graduated in - you'd think I could use it to help with my current educational conundrum with Brady - sigh).

Thanks so much for your comments and support for Brady and I - they mean so much. We'll keep plugging along and getting ready to fight the fight - I guess I was just hoping that for once, something would be easy in our educational adventures with Brady ;)

Hope TLM and the rest of you have a GREAT year!!!

Farrell and Marilyn Barlow said...

I can't tell you how happy we are you are in school. You are a doer Carrie and we can't be prouder.

chronicler said...

Aha! Now we know who got you to swear in your comm class! Good to hear everyone is adjusting so well. Interesting to note how many older students there are - I guess the economy is getting to everyone.

Christie said...

He must buy at least half of his guitar. He will appreciate it and take care of it with that kind of ownership. Remind him that his cousin had to pay for all of his guitar, not half. Remind him that you are a nicer mom. :)