Thursday, August 07, 2008

Meanwhile, our Heroes are incognito somewhere in Oregon...

I am relaxing in a recliner in front of a huge picture window with a fabulous ocean view. I am sure it would be more fabulous if I could see it. It's foggy out there.

My kids have loved heading out at low tide, exploring tide pools and collecting agates. The water is freezing in Oregon so no swimming. We've bought kites for flying. We've been hiking. We've visited the Tillamook Cheese Factory for a tour (eh..) and ice cream (Mmmm!) We've seen lighthouses and rocks. We've eaten seafood out and cooked steaks in. This beach house rental has Playstation and board games. No TV. No movies. No worries - we've hardly been here.

We've loved exploring this new place. Somewhere we would never had thought of visiting if we hadn't moved to Idaho. Mr. Wonderful started a new family competition this past year: whomever gets the highest grades gets to pick the family vacation. Secondborn won the contest. He was given a budget and I helped him research ideas. He has been having a great time.

This fall I will be one of the competitors in the contest. Mr. Wonderful is hoping I will win. He has been suggesting places all week of where he thinks we should go i.e. someplace with a warm ocean.

In order to beat Secondborn for the vacation-choosing privilege, I will have to get straight A's.

Let the pressure 2 1/2 weeks. Meanwhile I am going to enjoy fighting crimes of stress right here. On vacation.


Sandy said...

So glad that your family is getting a much needed vacation. I love the idea of one of the children getting to pick.

So, are you going back to school? What's the game-plan for study?

We will be heading to the west coast soon. After many days of triple digit temperatures, the fog and cold water that you mentioned sound good. LOL!!!

Blessings on your trip!

The Country Mouse said...

Getting a huge kick out of you competing against your kids to pick the vacation. :)

Have fun!


Sounds like lots of fun, can't wait to see pictures.

CandyandLadybugs said...

Wow! What a neat way to plan a vacation. :) I'd win! :) I just got another A! :)