Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Gratitudes


Jerry Johnston, a religion writer for the Deseret News and for Mormon Times (and one of my favorite writers), wrote a great article called Temples Are Places of White And Light. He describes his experience trying to explain the temple to Primary children. He said "At the end of my little talk to the primary kids, I told them that in the temple people feel clean on the outside and filled with light on the inside. They will, in effect, be tiny temples, inside another temple."

Last night I went to the temple. As I dressed in my temple clothes I could feel myself decompressing. By the time I was ready and in the chapel, waiting for the session to start, all the stress was gone. I was free to learn and to worship. There were only 10 people in the session (including Mr. Wonderful and myself) which made it a unique experience in itself. I loved being there. I felt clean on the outside and filled with light on the inside. I am grateful to have a temple close by.

I need to share my gratitude for the priesthood my husband holds. Today is the day Mr. Wonderful will give back-to-school Father's blessings. I used to look forward to receiving a blessing from my daddy when I lived at home. It was my comfort and guidance for the year. My children look forward to it now - they wouldn't ever let us forget. I'll be lining up, too. I want comfort and guidance before I start school tomorrow. I am nervous and excited - all the pre-school feelings I haven't felt in years.

I'm grateful that school starts tomorrow! I miss having a routine (the kids would tell you differently but I think they miss it, too.) Our family scripture study will resume at 6:00 a.m. Life will get crazier with homework, soccer games and swim meets. But there will be routine.

I'm grateful my garden is producing. I should have Japanese eggplants this week. Tomatoes and green beans have to be picked every day. The pumpkins and melons are getting bigger. Its getting time to plant the colder crops: lettuce, beets, carrots, and spinach. I love the flavors of fall.

I'm grateful for my family who are working to help my Grandma. My brothers and sister and their families are increasing their visits to be sure Grandma gets company every day. I know everyone is so busy at this time of year which makes their efforts even more meaningful. I wish I could be there to visit. Instead, my family will be sending snail mail multiple times a week: pictures, artwork, letters, and maybe a surprise or two.

I'm grateful for my running group. We're all improving! Its down to the final four weeks. I have to cut out my breaks and improve my speed by a few minutes. We're going to be running the course every weekend to get in our hill work. I've come to love these women as I have gotten to know them. We've cheered on each other's successes. It has been incredible to see my body change. I can run farther and faster. I'm (finally!) losing weight as well as inches.

I'm grateful for my game night group. We spent last weekend together attending the Shakespeare Festival seeing The School Of Wives by Moliere. The guys spent time golfing while the girls shopped (I'm not big into shopping but it was fun to hang out with the girls) and got pedis. These people have been my friends for 12 years now. Some of us have moved away from the old ward. The rest in that area have been divided into different wards. We've kept up on each other's kids and family events. I miss them greatly. I hope they come visit (blatantly broad hint here) rather than just send Christmas cards.


mum2brady said...

Love your gratitudes Carrie! So wonderful that you had a fun time away, but that the kids - especially your little love magnet were so excited for you to come home!

I hope school is wonderful this year for ALL of you! Thanks so much for your comments today - plus - you shouldn't invite - you never know who might show up on your doorstep when you least expect it :)

Have a GREAT day tomorrow!!!

Kimberly said...

Good luck at school, Sistah! I'm proud of you!