Monday, August 18, 2008

Who missed me the most?

I spent last Wednesday through Sunday enjoying a vacation sans kids. Yes, enjoying. Mama needs her batteries recharged at least once a year.
Its not a big traumatic production. The kids, usually so eager to spend time with their cousins, push me out the door pretty fast so they can get on to the good stuff. Stuff like being spoiled by grandparents because Mom isn't here to say "No". Jumping around and being really dangerous and wild with cousins because Mom isn't here to say "Stop That!" Eating ice cream before dinner. Eating ice cream for dinner. Staying up way to late. All the fun things everyone gets away with when Mom isn't here to say "Knock That Off!" (I didn't realize until now how grumpy I sound.)
Oh, yeah, they love my vacays sans kids as much as I do.
After past vacays, The Love Magnet would beeline for Mr. Wonderful (she is a Daddy's Girl, after all) which would hurt my feelings (ego) a little bit but I got over it. (There was the famous year where, after our cruise, she ignored me completely I was in tears after three hours of that treatment. Mr. Wonderful finally put her into my arms and told me to make up with her before he got back from the store.) The boys would give me a hug and run off for more fun until we dragged them home.
This time was different. The Love Magnet came to me first. (Oh, I milked that for all it was worth - Sheeee came to meee first, nyah nyah-nyah nyah nyah). She wrapped her arms around me and whispered in my ear "I missed you soooo much!" It melted my heart.
TLM then went to Mr. Wonderful for a little bit. Then she came back to me, sat on my lap, and kept her arms around my neck. She would have sat on my lap for the ride home if I had let her.
Doggie Girl was so excited to see us at home when we pulled in at midnight. She jumped all over the place. She followed us everywhere (she was rather put out when Mr. W sent her out of our bedroom so he could sleep. Her jingling tags were keeping us awake.
This morning The Love Magnet has told me multiple times "I love you so much!" "I like your hair." "I missed you so much!" Doggie Girl has followed me everywhere, even sitting on my feet as I sit at the computer. I'm not sure who missed me more. Its good to feel needed. Its great to feel loved.


Lily said...

I dream of getting away, even if it's to the grocery day!
By the way the cheese ravioli with bacon and zucchini was delicious, easy, and a big hit! Thanks for sharing :-)

Anonymous said...

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