Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day update:

The Love Magnet had a rough morning. Actually, The Love Magnet's a.m. aide had a rough morning. The Love Magnet decided to start full steam ahead the first day and tested all rules and boundaries just to see how far she could go. Poor aide. She wasn't used to my daughter and was steamrolled.

The afternoon aide knew my daughter. You can see the picture of them together on the blog I posted about our camping trip (this aide is the person my daughter monopolized the whole weekend). By lunch, things had settled down and The Love Magnet did much better. I picked up a tired little girl when the bell rang.

This evening, she talked about coloring a "wacoon" black and brown, about her music teacher, her 1st grade teacher (while proudly holding her fingers in a #1), and about eating in the lunch room. We heard tales about playing at recess with her BFF the Divine Miss O. She is already talking about going to school tomorrow.

Thirdborn made a new friend today. He liked his class and that was all the report we were given. The rest of his thoughts were about starting soccer practice.

Secondborn was late to one class due to going to the wrong room. One of his best friends is in most of his classes. His two other best friends were in none. Lunch was great. Disappointment was greater when he found out that he could not play basketball after lunch. (*gasp* What, no recess?!) His teachers are cool. "Oh, and Mom, I need more stuff...."

As for Firstborn? How DARE those teacher give homework on the first day! Oh, and "Mom, I need more stuff". At least his answers at dinner to the oft-put "How was the first day of school for you?" were not monosyllabic. Not much information but what little he was willing to give was in nearly complete sentences.

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