Friday, August 01, 2008

Today at the pool...

Tonight at the neighborhood pool, I was watching The Love Magnet swim in the baby pool when I was approached by a woman and her daughter. They introduced themselves and told me that the daughter (whom Secondborn knows from school) was The Love Magnet's reading buddy at school. She fell in love with The Love Magnet and wanted to know if we would consider her as a baby sitter when the need arose.

The Love Magnet was excited to see her reading buddy - she even remembered her name - so the girl jumped in the pool to play with my daughter. The mom told me that her daughter had already decided that she wanted to be a special educator when she grew up and was taking every opportunity she could to work with kids like The Love Magnet.

Love Magnet was soooo excited to see her reading buddy at the pool. I watched these two play together and discovered that this girl was patient. My daughter has become a bit bossy lately and didn't tone it down tonight. Her reading buddy ran interference if Love Magnet tried to take toys belonging to someone else. She also praised her when Love Magnet shared her own pool toys. The Love Magnet ate it up.

I am amazed by children like this girl, who know what they want at age 12. On top of that, a girl who has found the joy in working with kids with disabilities is even more rare. She is signed up to volunteer for Special Olympics. She plans on volunteering at the elementary school as soon as she is done with middle school for the day.

God bless kids like that. I hope The Love Magnet finds many more in her path this year.

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