Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Idiots who cheat

I am ticked.

My A&P exam was done on Blackboard (from home computer) and open book. I didn't get that great of a score but managed to score better than class average.

An unidentifiable number of students found a way to cheat by taking the test together on their laptops and sharing answers or else watching someone else take the test so they would know the questions.

Some were caught.

Now the A&P prof has declared that test null. Instead that test will be divided into four parts and a part added onto each of the remaining four tests. Instead of open book tests, the tests will be given in the classroom with no books/notes allowed.

I'm not the only one who's livid. When the prof announced this in class tonight, the people around me were wanting to find out the names of those who had been caught so we could surround them in the parking lot. I am not sure if the cheaters were kicked out of class. or better yet, kicked out of school. I hope so.

I am willing to bet that the remaining cheating idiots (who were not caught) feel no remorse. Thanks, people. You made things more difficult for the rest of us.


Lily said...

That really does stink! I know you are working so hard and then to have people do that...
You're a doer though and you will succeed!

Soozcat said...


And yes, you're right, they probably don't feel remorse. The boors of the world rarely do.

You're going to smoke this class, I just know it.

CandyandLadybugs said...

Oh that is terrible! HELLO! It was open book for goodness sakes! Shame on them! :)

MrsVJW said...

In classes and in the real world, these people rarely feel any remorse. They got caught.... this time. They've likely done it before and will do it again. Sadly, these people are usually around.

Focus on the fact you did well with all the work you put in... you've got a great footing for the next test considering you've studied your material AND you have some insight in to how the questions are for this professor.