Saturday, September 20, 2008


"The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start."
- John "The Penguin" Bingham

Rain. POURING RAIN. As in "climb aboard Noah's ark" rain. We were soaked over an hour before race started. Last night the weather guy said the low temp would be 61. Nope. More like 45 degrees. There I stood in my usual running shorts and top, really wishing I had warmer gear or at least a hat or poncho. Some women were carrying umbrellas. Every time the lightning would strike and the thunder rolled the women would cheer. Some guy proposed to his girlfriend before the race started. More cheering. If we weren't so cold it would have been a wild party.

Did I mention that they were expecting 16,000 women at this event? Picture 16,000 women dancing to "Let's Get Loud" and "We Are Family" - not just to psych us up, but to keep warm while waiting to start.

I was completely soaked before my wave started. Running in squishy shoes is different. I made it up the hill with no problem. I did walk for 20 seconds after that and then 20 seconds again before the big down hill on the final mile.

Time: 36:04

Not the 35:00 I was aiming for. But I can't complain about the time. I did my best. Now I have a baseline time to beat next year.

Oh, yeah, I am doing this again. I called K (who is at Disney World right now) to let her know my time. She left a little gift for me to wear during the race - a little pewter running pendant. I told her that it would be my good luck charm for all my races. K told me of a 1/2 marathon she is running in October. She said they also have a 5K.

Sign me up.

I am officially a runner.


MrsVJW said...

Wooo hooooo!! Congrats, girl!

Lily said...

Congratulations! I am really happy for you - what a great thing!!!!

Melissa said...

Good for you Carrie! Awesome! I am so proud of you. Great job, girl!

CandyandLadybugs said...

Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so proud of you! That is a great time. I think that is about what I got the last time I ran it. I would love to run it with you next year! :)

You go girl!

Anna said...

I'm seriously so so impressed and happy for you. My running has gotten off to a slow start, but I'm hanging in there. Only once a week for the past two weeks, but next week I'm aiming for three again and I'm going to put all three on the calendar so I can't schedule other things.

Any 5Ks coming up in November or December. I could be ready by then. Let me know if you plan on running in any. I'm sorry I didn't get ready in time for this one, but I'm SO SO SO proud of you, way to go!

Robyn said...

WOW! You did great! I am so glad it went so well, even in the rain.

Farrell and Marilyn Barlow said...

We are busting our buttons! That's my girl!

Emma said...

good for you!

Bruce and Marina said...

Dearest Carrie, you are such an inspiration!! Congratulations!!

Angela said...