Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunday Gratitudes (on a Monday)

Its seems that despite my study of the wrong text.....I aced my Psych test. Overflowing gratitude here (and a big Snoopy happy dance). I also received an A on my first Psych paper. While my A&P test is not an A, I am still above the class average. Too bad its not graded on the curve.

Gratitude for every aching muscle in my legs. (They were so sore on Sunday that I am sure I was a funny sight trying to hobble up and down the stairs of the stand so I could sit by my family during the talks and special musical number of Sacrament meeting.) Those aches mean I have muscles that work. Those aches mean that I can improve. Those muscles mean I am still so proud that I ran the entire hill! (Truly, I will quit patting myself on the back tomorrow. Maybe.)

While we're at it, I'm grateful for all of you who cheered my 5K with me through blog comments, emails, shoutouts and phone calls. It meant the world to me that you were excited, too.

I'm grateful for my running partners. The 5K was not the end. We are meeting tonight.

Mr. Wonderful took me out for a nice dinner date at what is now my new fave restaurant. Quiet. Classy. Awesome food. (Hey twin sis, we have a new place to visit when next you come.) I wasn't hungry all day after the race. That changed pretty quick when the waiter brought out appetizers. We shared the night with my Uncle and Auntie who live here. Good company to match the good food.

Today I took Thirdborn and The Love Magnet to the hospital for blood work. The Love Magnet never cries over blood work. She took it without a peep and was excited to dig through the prize basket afterwards. Thirdborn (surprisingly) didn't cry either. He is getting so grown up about things like this. His blood work was precursor to a physical this week to make sure he's healthy before we start with the big meeting next week about his struggles in school. I'm grateful that we have the facilities and the insurance to do this.

On Sunday, Thirborn had been asked to read a scripture and say the prayer at the end of Primary. We found a simple scripture and had him memorize it. Thirdborn still insisted on carrying his scriptures up to the podium to read from it before he said the closing prayer. I had been worried given the problems he has been having at school. He did this assignment just fine. He really needed that boost to his confidence. I am so grateful that it went well.

I'm grateful that Firstborn had a good swim practice week. It looks like he will be able to swim his specialty at his next meet after all.

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