Friday, September 05, 2008

Lessons from Grandma -
She's not done teaching yet.

Grandma's funeral was held today. I hope she laughed at the stories. I hope she enjoyed the speeches. (No offense to my uncles, but my mom's talk - read by my beloved twin sister - was the best. I'm not biased.....)

One thing that really stuck out to me. One thing that I never knew. One thing that I have never heard from ANYONE else before. Grandma had held many callings in church. Young Women's leader. Relief Society President. I'm sure she also had some teaching positions and surely something in Primary. But guess just which calling was her favorite?

Visiting Teaching.

I kid you not. Not only did she absolutely love Visiting Teaching, she requested that the inactive sisters be put on her route. She said that they needed her more than anyone else did. I remember her telling me many times about doing her visits on the front porch because the women never invited her in. After months of porch visits, they would feel comfortable around her enough to invite her in. She would always be thrilled.

Grandma nearly always took a treat when she visited. I'm sure her famous raspberry jam (at least famous to her family and neighbors) and homemade breads and cookies made it into many homes in her ward. As a child, I would watch her put aside a plate of cookies or a loaf of bread wrapped in a kitchen towel, and tell us kids not to touch it. It was for her visiting teaching sisters.

She faithfully visited every month. My Grandma, who is as busy as everyone else, always found time to check on her "Sisters" and make sure everything was all right. If they needed her help, she would be there, ready for anything. According to my mom, she would take a meal over to an expecting mom. Grandma said that many people brought meals after the baby was born, but it was before the birth when the mom-to-be needed extra attention. She would clean or fold laundry. If Grandma saw a need, she saw herself as the one to fill it.

Grandma is still influencing me, even though she isn't here. All right, Grandma. Message heard loud and clear. My visiting teaching habits have been good, but they certainly can be better. They are definitely not up to your standards yet.


Sandy said...

Carrie, your memories are so precious. I enjoyed reading your post today. Bless you for realizing what a woman of strength you had in your grandma.


Emma said...

I miss her to even thogh I wasent there for most of those experinces I still love hermore thene ever.

Emma said...

I miss her to ALOT!

Shirlene said...

I loved hearing this about Grandma, too. My new calling is VT Coordinator, being over all visiting teaching in our ward. It really impressed me that VT was her favorite calling out of all. I think she really understood what visiting teaching was about.....serving others and following our Saviors example. We had our VT conference this last week. But my next opportunity I'm going to share this about Grandma.