Monday, September 08, 2008

Running update:

After four weeks of running 2X or less per week, I am determined to get back on a schedule. Tonight's run was 3.11 miles. Mile #2 was hard - really tired ankles. I didn't beat my PR of 10:23/mile (Is that right, K? - K keeps all my stats.) But I did do 10:40/mile (or so) on mile #1 and #3. I think mile #2 was in the 12's.

But all said and done, it felt good to get out and clear my head after working on my first Psych paper.

My first 5K is in two weeks.

and in case you were wondering, my Psych paper assignment was this:

Considering what is known about the damaging effects on of poor nutrition, drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol on the fetus, what can be done to protect a baby from the effects of its mother’s activities? Should any legal action be taken?


CandyandLadybugs said...

Good job on the running. I bet it felt really good to get out there.

Your paper sounds interesting. :)

Soozcat said...

That'd be a tough paper to write. See, any legal action that could be taken against a mother with the idea that her harmful activities adversely affect her unborn child would also certainly apply to her decision to abort... after all, what's more harmful to a fetus than deliberately causing its death? But then you'd have a whole lotta pro-choice activists all hissy about it.

Shirlene said...

I'm jealous you get to write psych papers!!! That was my major and my forte! Most of my psych classes were on Human Development instead of Abnormal Psych. Your paper was right up my alley. Good luck in school!