Sunday, September 07, 2008

Polite princess manners make even the worst social faux pas excusable

As I am finishing up my blog and checking others, I hear The Love Magnet behind me. She runs to the top of the stairs and right as she gets there I hear a very loud bass-sounding "BWWAAAAAAP" that reverberates in the two story space of my family room. then I hear a giggle and in a very polite, princessy voice:

"Oh, my. Excuse me." (to no one in particular)

The Love Magnet may burp better than my teenage Firstborn but at least she has princess manners. Even if she thinks no one is listening.


Anna said...

oh I love the love magnet. don't be offended if we come to visit and half the reason is so my husband can meet the adorable love magnet. She is truly a gem (and by the way, every time I looked at you I couldn't help but think how awesome you look -I'm glad the running is reaping weight loss benefits for you in addition to all the other great perks :)

Tammy and Parker said...

I love visiting you and your blog. My heart always goes away much happier and lighter.

Angela said...

She's so great! I too excuse myself even if home alone. John says it's a waste as he won't even excuse himself in front of me because he says he should be comfortable in his own home. I'll use this as additional proof that I am right.

Soozcat said...