Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The 11th Day of Valentines

For the 11th Day of Valentines, the kids and I pulled a sneaky on Mr. Wonderful. He thought our Family Night lesson was going to be on The Family: A Proclamation To The World. Instead we prepared a Family Night theme of "Why Our Dad and Husband is Important to our Family: 11 Reasons".

The boys each stood and talked about how grateful they were that Mr. Wonderful taught them sports, helped with homework, and worked hard so we could have a home the things we enjoy. DS#3 added that he was grateful Mr. Wonderful took us to Disney World last summer.

Then it was DD's turn and she did not want any help. DD stood and told Mr. Wonderful "Happy Birthday" (his birthday is in October) and then waxed eloquent about all the presents she was going to give to him. The only part we understood was about the birthday presents at the beginning and the resounding "A-MEN!" at the end. We are not sure if she was sharing her testimony or saying a prayer. It must have been her testimony because she didn't pitch a fit when we gathered in a circle for family prayer.

The rest of the evening was finishing projects for "100 Day" at school. Next Family Night will truly be about the Family Proclamation.

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