Friday, February 22, 2008

Welcome To America

With great anticipation, I went to pick up the Lebanese athlete and coach today at the Special Olympic Welcome Center. When they showed up, there were two athletes that needed to remain with the coach and a family with 4 yr old twin girls. It was decided that the two athletes and coach would go to the other house (owned by a counselor in my stake presidency) and the mom and daughters would come with me.

It looked like the twins and DD would get along famously. One twin was trying to teach DD Arabic while the other was trying to teach her French. We left their dad at the hotel (where he had work to do) and finally got the girls to my house.

It turns out that one twin was seriously afraid of dogs. I brought Dear Doggie Girl out on a leash but 'T' was too scared. I crated our dog and we set about making messes in the kitchen, all three little girls helping me make Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies. While the cookies were baking the girls went upstairs to play in DD's room. I took advantage of the time to take Dear Doggie Girl outside for a potty break and to catch the ball for a little bit. When we came back inside with DDG on a leash, one of the twins came around the corner and screamed. Poor kid was so scared! So back in the crate went Dear Doggie Girl.

The crate happens to be near the stairs on the second landing. That same twin came back to the landing and before coming down stairs, peeked around the corner where the crate was. Dear Doggie Girl barked once, thinking she was going to be let out. It scare the little girl so bad she fell down the entire length of the stairs.

I think my heart quit beating. I ran over there to check her out. She was okay so I picked her up and took her to her mom. Her mom determined that it just wouldn't work - her daughter was so scared and kept repeating that she wanted to go back to the hotel. Her mom felt bad for imposing and wanted to call a cab. I wouldn't hear of it. So we packed the suitcases back in the car and I drove them back to the hotel. The twins fell asleep on the way. DD fell asleep on the way home. Lebanese guests at our house this weekend. We are meeting them tomorrow morning to go to a local attraction. I'm not sure if we will do anything else.

I feel so bad about the whole thing. What a welcome to America. I hope the little girl will not have nightmares tonight. Poor Doggie Girl was so sick of being crated. As soon as I came back, DS#2 took her for a walk. I will be getting up early tomorrow to do the same thing. I could use the time and exercise to clear my head.


The Country Mouse said...

Oh, my! What a comedy of errors. Don't feel bad though -- you were a lovely hostess, and couldn't have prevented any of it.

Um, when will we see pictures of the new hair?

Scarehaircare said...

I'll take pics and post tomorrow with my gratitudes.

CandyandLadybugs said...

I'm so sorry it didn't work out. I'm sure that they felt welcome, inspite of the fear of poor DDG. I hope you have fun with them today showing them around our beautiful city. :)

mum2brady said...

oops - shoulda read down further before my last comment! Well - too bad about the actual housing of your houseguests, but it sounds like your OUTING went well. Glad your dear doggie girl got her freedom though - I bet she wasn't too disappointed ;)