Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday Gratitudes
Next morning, the sun hits the ice and we get a lightshow, it was lovely!

This was a rollercoaster week, revolving around two mtgs: one for DS#3 and one for DD. I was trying not to feel like a Mama Bear with her boxing gloves on.

Our mtg for DS#3 went very well and Mr. Wonderful and I were thrilled that DS is improving. I am so grateful to report that this week DS got all 5 words right on his spelling test. We made a goal to work towards this with a reward of going to the local ice cream place. DS was so proud and excited. His brothers have been patting him on the back for earning an ice cream trip for Family Night. Our next goal is to work on his spelling sentence in the same way with a goal of 100%.

My second gratitude is for the mtg about DD. Two weeks ago, her aide was changed w/out telling me, and done in a way that was completely unfair. DD has suffered as a result. This mtg was with the principal to air grievances and hopefully restore all as it was before. The principal (who was out of town when this originally happend) couldn't change things yet, but she did listen to my concerns and wrote everything down. One thing I did get changed was how communication happens between the parents and the school. The best part of this meeting was actually a huge accomplishment for me: I did not cry, I did not get loud, I had spoke with grace and dignity. It helped that I knelt down to pray for strength before I left and during the meeting I dutifully pictured my Cookies behind me, all wearing red Borg shirts (the shirts are a private joke that I am sure they will laugh at.) The principal is meeting with the district head of special ed. soon and I hope things will be resolved quickly.

Due to the scheduling changes in our family with kids growing up, we have changed our family scripture reading from evening to 6 :00 in the morning. This isn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be, mainly due the the home in which I grew up. Mom and Daddy would wake us up before 6am every weekday morning for scripture study. Sometimes we made it hard on them by trying to sleep in. They were persistent and consistent. Now that I am facing the same challenges in my family, I need to express gratitude to them and apologize for and grief I gave them about early morning scripture reading while I was growing up. It's not easy to get the kids up, and make sure they follow along. But we have had some great conversations about what we are reading. The early morning is starting to be a habit. Gotta love good habits.

I am grateful for good books. This month, my book club is reading Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortensen. I love uplifting books. I am amazed at the human spirit and what can be accomplished by one person. I am in awe at the sacrifices families will make just to ensure that an education is provided for their children. This book is also a history lesson in the start of the Taliban which is chilling, I am learning new things with ever chapter I read. While I am here, I need to express gratitude for book clubs. Through them, I read books I might never have opened on my own.

I am grateful for the Sabbath. My family keeps it holy the way our parents taught us. Our Sabbath is for family. We do not work. We try not to make others work for us (the exception being emergency trips to drs which, thankfully, is rare.) Not going out to eat, play, or run errands. Dinner is simple, most of it in the slow cooker which means dinner is ready when we come home. This day is a day of rest that we sorely need. We write letters to grandmas and spend time with family. We go to church. My kids have never complained about church. They look forward to seeing teachers and friends. I look forward to singing hymns, learning in Sunday School, and the cameraderie of Relief Society. This is the day that fuels me for the rest of the week.

I"m grateful for the sun. After all the snow storm (the worst in this area in the past 10 years), we have had 2 days of sun and 40 degree weather which feels like 50. I have walked to the mailbox in short sleeves and with bare feet. I love to feel the sun on my face. This weather lifts my spirits.


CandyandLadybugs said...

I was so proud of you! There was a minute that I thought you were going to cry, but you were strong! You go girl! :-)

Sorry about the communication. I was hoping to get it switched back, and then I just got overwhelmed. I promise to do a better job in the future. I hope for all invovled that it gets switched back. I think that it will be the best for everyone.

mum2brady said...

Love your gratitudes! I'm sorry the meeting didn't go so well this week :( I hate that we have to fight so hard to get the things our kids with T21 need - it just doesn't seem fair :( Praying that this new aide will be great for your cute girl and that things improve!