Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Gratitudes

I have to admit to feeling tired and emotionally drained. Its a bit harder to ponder for what I am grateful shen I feel like this. Doesn't that mean that this is when I need most to make my gratitude list?

Accentuate the positive;
Eliminate the negative.
Latch on to the affirmative;
Don’t mess with Mr. In-between.
( lyrics by Johnny Mercer, ASCAP, 1945.)

I sang a solo today. My ward choir women sang Beebe's arrangement of "O My Father" for a special musical number. I was supposed to sing the third verse with two other women. But one called in with the flu and another called and had laryngitis. So I sang a solo. I prayed before it happened. I haven't been able to sing solos since college (another story for another time) without crying and really doing bad. This time I definitely sounded nervous....but I made it through. One of the women standing next to me put her arm on my back, I am not sure if it was to give me courage or to make sure I didn't fall backwards and pass out (which would have been embarrassing since it would have meant landing in the lap of one of the stake presidency). I guess I should express gratitude for doing it. I really do want my courage back, to sing solo with no problem. This is how I get it back, by trying. I need to express gratitude for the opportunity to try. They are coming more and more. I was supposed to sing solo in RS next week. That has been put off to March (thanks goodnes, I think I need more time to practice after today!)

Its easy to express gratitude for my family's and friend's blogs. I feel connected with them. I love reading about what is going on in their lives and seeing the pictures of their families.

I'm grateful I got to talk to my parents on Skype phone this week. The connection wasn't great but it was cheering to see their faces and find out how their two weeks in the middle of Africa were with no electricity or running water. They will posting a blog all about it soon.

I just found out this week that we get to host a Special Olympic athlete and coach from Lebanon this coming weekend. We are excited to be chosen, and more than a little nervous at possibly offending our guest since the cultures are so different. I just received a packet of info tonight to study before we pick up our guests on Friday. Family Night lesson will be all about Lebanon. I need to find a recipe for a Lebanese treat.....

I'm grateful for Mr. Wonderful's calming influence. Throughout all the turmoil of the past few weeks, he has been my rock. He will listen to me as long as I need him to, solve the problems I need help solving, and just be there when I need to vent. This past week he offered to be my punching bag if I would give him some time to prep his stomach with situps so it would withstand the onslaught. (Of course I did NOT take him up on that!)

I'm grateful for my Brother #2. Not only is he a great lawyer (who knew that would come in handy?!) but he is a fellow foodie who introduces me to great recipes. He is the one who gave me the heads up on the Pan-Seared Ribeye that I made for Valentines menu. It was so good, we made it for Sunday dinner tonight. Mmmmm. This is also the same boy, who, when I was in high school, knew that I did not have the money to go on a drama conference weekend and gave me the money. I found out later that he gave me the money he set aside for a wrestling warmup suit that was to be part of his uniform. I don't think I ever paid him back. How often do you see a super-generous boy in jr. high? (Can you tell I've been missing him?)

I'm grateful for Michael Buble music. It makes me want to dance with Mr. Wonderful.

Yesterday we took the kids to see Spiderwick Chronicles. It was a little too intense for the younger kids (who ended up on our laps) but the whole activity made for good family time. I'm grateful for that family time. I was thinking that we do not have too many years left and kids will start leaving home. Family Time will become a rare thing, definitely not as easy as packing up the kids on a Saturday for Costco polish dogs (chicken salad for me, I was being good) and a flick with popcorn.

I'm grateful for Dear Doggie Girl. It sure brightens my attitude to come home to hear her tags jingling and get a greeting with her tail wagging so hard it hurts when she whaps me with it. She makes everyone feel loved.

I'm grateful for dear sisters in my ward. Not only were they supportive (literally!) during my solo today, but another dear sister sat with me as I was subbing in Primary, talking about how I felt and letting me know that she truely understood. Methinks she is a kindred spirit and I truly look forward to getting to know her more.


Tiffany said...

Sis, it sure is great to hear you are doing so well. I would usually give your blog a passing glance while you were so close but now they are a treasure.

I do have a comment on the pictures of your sons #1 and #2. I didn't think the weather was very different between home and where you are. By looking at the pictures we can assume that they both had their pictures taken on the same day at the same time and location. With that being assumed, why does #1 look like he was caught in the rain and #2 like he was caught in the wind? Handsome lads as they are, I was curiously concerned about the weather that day and I'm amazed at your determination to require they get that picture taken regardless of the monsoon or 100 mph winds they must go through. Neither wind, nor sleet, nor hail, nor 100 mph monsoons will stop my sister from getting an errand knocked off of her list. I have to say I a little proud.

heather said...

I just wanted to let you know that I have been following your blog and all the trials with DD's school situation. I rarely have a free moment (or hand) to comment but I am thinking of you and hope it all resolves in a positive way. She is very lucky to have you as her mom. You definitely will fight for her rights!