Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Gratitudes

First of all, I am extremely grateful that no one was hurt at my house this weekend, that international relations were not strained and our Lebanese guests still like us enough to hang out with us. We spent yesterday morning at the zoo, had lunch at the Spaghetti Factory, and then I took our guests shopping for the rest of the afternoon. Today, we are having a leisurely lunch with the athletes, playing games, and one of the athletes will be teaching us a native dance from Lebanon.

I'm also grateful that, because of our Lebanese guests, my world has opened up a bit more. Learning about other cultures has always been fascinating to me. But this is the first time that I have learned how other cultures treat their citizens with intellectual disabilities. I am so grateful that our country allows DD to mainstream with her kindergarten class, that speech and occupational therapies are provided, and for all the extras she has in her school day that astounds my new friend from Lebanon.

One of the athletes from Lebanon has Down syndrome. He skis on snow and water, and wants to compete in all events that Special Olympics recognizes. He speaks Arabic, French, and English (something that I never knew was possible). He is also a teacher, working with younger kids with Down syndrome. He has been so cute to DD. I am anxious for my sons to meet him today.

I'm grateful for a sweet husband who insisted on taking me to a movie last night even though he was sick. When I told him that we should stay home he insisted he wanted alone time with me. We saw Jumper (not that great but not bad) and shared a dark chocolate macadamia caramel 'Bear Claw' and a dark chocolate covered 'Sea Foam' that I picked up at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. My favorite part of the night? Eating dark chocolate covered anything and holding hands.

I'm grateful that DS#2 had his first experience snowboarding yesterday. The school provided the opportunity for a snowboard lessons and free time so we dropped him off at the school to take a bus with his classmates to the ski resort. Initially, he did not want to go. I pulled Mom-power on him and told him he didn't have a choice. DS came home sore and laughing and I did hear the melodious sounds of "You were right, Mom."

I'm grateful for all the support I've received from my family, my Cookies, and my dear friends over the past few weeks. Each of you have been a source of strength for me. I have appreciated hearing that you are still praying, putting our names on the temple prayer roll, and receiving phone calls and emails to check up on my family and me.

I'm going to be selfishly grateful next. Our realtors here gave me a heads up on a great stylist. I never thought I'd find one right off the bat. She is the kind of person that I can give her free reign to do what she thinks is best and it looks great. I spent 30 minutes in her chair this past week and got a huge shot or self-esteem. On top of that, she suggested no hair color this time as she didn't think I needed it. (Someone who gives you straight advice instead of trying to increase their bill is a breath of fresh air.) I'll post pics later today.


CandyandLadybugs said...

Great gratitudes!

I'm glad you had fun with the atheletes and their families even though the weekend didn't turn out like you thought it would.

I too am grateful that students can be included in the classroom, and I do all in my power to keep them with their peers. It is good for all invovled. :)

Can't wait to see your hair on Monday. :) I might need the name of your stylist.

Spice Girl said...

Ah--joy! I, too, got my hair cut, colored, and highlighted this week after my surgery fiasco. Huge boost of self-esteem, indeed!

Glad you had a good weekend--kindred spirits, we are. I, too, spent my date with my husband eating dark chocolate. Check my blog for varieties. I've seriously died and gone to heaven.