Thursday, February 07, 2008


On the 7th Day of Valentines

my morning wakeup did not sound.

The planned orange rolls were not baked

since I was not around.

My second plan of homemade treats

fortune cookies of large size -

Stuck to the pan - they didn't work

I could not believe my eyes.

My reputation would be ruined.

My kitchen cred, it would be shot.

I knew I had to do something

Lest Mr. Wonderful thought I forgot.

Time was running out

soon Mr. Wonderful would be home.

I have sunk down the depths

to puchased cookies and cheesy poem.

On a plain paper plate, even!

Witness my shame, dear reader.

Rest assured this will not be

a Valentine day repeater.


Christie said...

The plain white plate . . . the store bought cookies . . . is this the same sister whose children had never had a frozen burrito before they ate one at Auntie Christie's house? For shame. :)

PS: your kids are welcome to come eat frozen burritos, taquitos, or whatever else comes from a box anytime at my house! Open the box and find me a microwave safe plate!

Haley said...

THIS makes me feel better about my 14 days of valentines!

Christie said...

Amen, Hayley!