Thursday, February 07, 2008

Yesterday was the official mtg about DS#3. Mr. Wonderful and I met with his teacher, principal, assts, school counselor, and a few people who weren't introduced so I have no idea of their positions.

DS is still behind in all subjects at school. But, there has been some kind of awakening resulting in a huge surge of improvement the last 4 weeks. The most dramatic being that DS has gone from not writing at all on his own to writing stories and Valentine Cards (he didn't quite understand the purpose of V-Day cards and had written many to stuff in his own V-day box at school. His teacher said he was very surprised when she told him that everyone in the class would be putting a V-day card in his box. Now he has been making many cards for his cousins, Mr. Wonderful, and me.)

His teacher showed us a story he wrote. We couldn't understand half of it but is was a FULL PAGE of written word! After the mtg we went to her class where she asked DS to read it to us (she said he knew exactly what it said and was consistent every time to he understands his writing). DS read us his story about a pet lizard that escaped from his pocket to eat a classmate's lunch while hiding under the desks (that classmate happens to be very cute and DS talks about her a lot. Hmmmmmm.)

He is also improving in math and spelling. Since we started having him sign while he practices his spelling, he has gone from missing all but one of the words to missing just one of the words. I told him last night that the day he gets all of the words right, I will be taking him to an ice cream shop for a treat - gotta love incentives.

It was decided that since his problems seemed to be in understanding concrete ideas, and he is improving, to continue with the course we are on rather than testing to see if he qualifies for special education. Mr. Wonderful and I were both ameniable to that. It was such a relief to see improvement. He still loves school. This week he was excited to read in his reading group. He has been learning about authors. His particpation and his behavior in class has changed for the better.

Prayers are answered.

Friday I have a mtg with the principal about DD. Her aide was changed and it has been hard for her. I hope that mtg goes as well as this one did.


Haley said...

Wow. I'm so happy that things are moving in a good direction! We have been praying for him and you. I love the story and that it involves a cute girl. Jacob is unhappy right now because there is a girl in his class that wants to marry a boy named David, but HE really wants to marry her. I told him that it's ok and he'll find someone that he falls in love with when he's quite a bit older. Oh the drama.

The kids and I are flying to Utah on April 10th and will be there for two weeks. Hopefully you can make it down sometime!

Tammy and Parker said...

Yay! for excellent news!

What beautiful kids you have.