Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The meeting did not go as I hoped. There was a conflict on whether I would be allowed in the room which resolved with the caveat that I not speak. I kept silent for 40 minutes while I watched the drama play out: we were not getting our beloved aide back. The district refused to budge.

There was an alternative suggested with a new aide. We reluctantly are willing to try. I am emotionally drained, in sore need of a punching bag, and really would prefer to put on my jammies now and curl up with either some really soft yarn and work on a project, or curl up in a quilt and find a good movie on TV.

But there are chores to do, mouths to feed, Valentine cards to address (three classes worth), Valentine sugar cookies to make (one class worth), and a Court of Honor to go to.

Dear Son #1, sensing my mood and hearing the story of events today, came up to me and put a small 1" red metal button with white chinese characters on my shirt. When I asked him what it said he pointed to the characters and read them. "It says 'Somebody Loves Me'." He then gave me a hug before heading upstairs to put his school stuff away.

I made it through the day without getting teary until now.


Christie said...

Why would they not allow you in the room? You are strong. Your DD is strong. You can make it through this! Super twin powers, activate!

Haley said...

I'm sorry things didn't work out like you hoped. The situation sounds a little strange -- you couldn't speak? Didn't they want to hear your side? ODD. My mom always said that if things were bad she would mention a call to Denver (National Headquarters of something) and it got people listening, moving, and working something out. Hang in there!