Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Guests from Lebanon


We have been chosen to be part of Host Town for the Special Olympics invitational this weekend. We will be hosting an athlete and coach from Lebanon.

Last night our Family Home Evening was all about Lebanese customs. I hope we do not offend our guests. There is quite a list. The kids are all excited to share our home and our life for a weekend. There is talk of taking them to the local ski resort or the gym. "Would they like a trip to the grocery store to get things they forgot? Mom, do you have to learn to cook Lebanon food?"

We plan on inviting the only other family hosting an athlete and coach from Lebanon for Sunday dinner. Along with whatever American menu we plan, I plan on making a tabouli salad and having hummus and pita chips. Other than that, we'll be providing a compltely American experience.

Our only concern is if they will mind being picked up by me (being a woman) and having me drive them around to the two events that are provided by the Olympic committee this weekend. I dearly hope not. I know only one person in Lebanon but I haven't heard from her in awhile. Hopefully I can find her soon and get some of my questions answered.

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heather said...

How neat to be a host family for the special olympics...and to have an international family to stay with you!! Keep us posted on how the weekend goes. You'll be a great hostess!