Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sunday Gratitudes
Happy 15th Birthday, Firstborn!

While most of you throwing a Superbowl party, we're celebrating my Firstborn's 15th birthday. So my Sunday gratitudes are all about the man he is growing up to be:

1. Last year the Firstborn was an inch shorter than me. This year he is two inches taller than me. The kid keeps eating and growing.

2. He has registered for peer tutoring at school. It has been fun to listen to his stories about getting close to these kids with special needs. It takes a certain kind of guy to find coolness in working with kids with moderate to severe disabilities.

3. He has told his friends more than once that he doesn't watch R rated movies. This thrills me to no end since it would be easy for him to sneak into a R-rated movie and not tell me about it. Instead I find out from his friends that they went to see something PG-13 or milder because he insisted on it.

4. This is the year he gets his Eagle. He has been working hard towards that goal and I am immensely proud of him.

5. He has a testimony that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. I don't hear it often but it blows me away when I do.

6. He likes memorizing the scriptures assigned in seminary and often recites them to us ro quizzes us to see if we know them.

7. He can be so kind to his siblings. I have witnessed him give them high fives over a good spelling grade. He helps DD with her nighttime meds in a way that makes her happy to take them. They idolize their big brother and drink up any praise he gives them.

8. He is respectful of the priesthood he holds.

9. He has made a goal of completing life guard training this spring so he can get a job at either the local YMCA or the water park. (Mr. Wonderful did the same in his teen years.)

10. I am so grateful for a happy, healthy, well adjusted son. He is polite, has great table manners, and knows how to treat a girl. He can cook and he knows how to do laundry (his future wife will thank me for that.)


CandyandLadybugs said...

He's a great kid. You guys have done a great job raising him. :)

Nathan said...

Scott is rad! GET THAT EAGLE!