Sunday, February 10, 2008

8th, 9th,and 10th Days of Valentines
On the 8th Days of Valentines I posed our wedding day picture on Mr. Wonderful's nightstand with a letter about the day I promised to love him for eternity. This was the most simple of all the days I planned for these two weeks, but also one I considered the best. We work hard at our marriage and do not take lightly the covenants we made in the Salt Lake Temple.
On the 9th Day I had planned to make a brunch. When I got home from my early morning mtg, the kids had already pulled frozen sweet rolls out, baked them for breakfast, and no one was hungry. So I told Mr. Wonderful that he would have to get his special breakfast the next day.
Day #10 - Today I got up and fixed a 3 egg omelet (actuall 1 egg and 2 egg whites) with dill, sweet peppers, fresh spinach, and feta cheese, bacon, and whole grain toast. Mr. Wonderful and the kids were quite happy (or as my Cookies say "Man noises were heard!" Later today, I will make a list of 10 Things I Love About You to prop on his pillow tonight. Every year I come up with different things. He saves every one.

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