Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cinderelly, Cinderelly. Night and Day it's Cinderelly

Lately, the Love Magnet has been enamored with everything Cinderella, thanks to multiple viewings of her new favorite movies Cinderella III and Enchanted. She has entire dialogues memorized and the choreography to every song down pat. While she watches her favorite shows, she stands up to perform the cast pieces. Every nuance and gesture of every speech is mimicked with precision.

For some reason, my daughter has started running around the house, stopping and posing (the same every time), and yelling "CINDERELLA!" It is a routine she has memorized.

Now, I know you are all wondering: what does Cinderella wear when she has a texture aversion to all things satiny, slippery, lacy, scratchy....basically everything a princess would find uncomfortable in every ball gown she tries on?

Completely green, good-for-the-environment cotton knit. My little Cinderella is very much into the green movement. Granola-rella.
Now if I could just figure out where she saw that pose, or is it completely of her own making? (Knowing my mom, she is thinking right now that obviously The Love Magnet inherited her drama talents from her mama.)


Farrell and Marilyn Barlow said...


run4fun said...

Rats! Edsel picked out a Cinderella dress-up pack for her Birthday party! As I started reading, I thought "Wonderful choice!" Until I read about the satiny and lacy! Maybe she can just add the shoes and the purse to her granola-rella wear. LOL!

heather said...

Love the poses! I think your sweet little girl came up with those all on her own! :)

Christie said...


Just take a look through our Senior Yearbook and compare your multiple pages of poses to that of your sweet daughter. Where does she get it from?! I wonder....

mum2brady said...

Love the pose. Doesn't Giselle do something similar in Enchanted? It seems to me that she does :) Love that she doesn't like satiny/lacey stuff - makes me laugh!

Your princess is such a doll! I can just imagine her acting out her favorite scenes :)

WTG love magnet!!!