Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Running update:

1st mile – somewhere in the 11's. (We were talking to much to pay attention to the watch. Let me rephrase that - they were talking too much. I was breathing.)
2 mile – 24:09 (12:04 average)
3 mile – 36:16 (12:05 average)
3.1 mile – 37:23 (12:04 average)

K emailed this: By the way, we pushed it the last .1 and you got down to a 9:02 average. Way to go! You thought you were tired but pushed to a 9:02 – that is totally amazing! We missed our PR by 7 seconds. Jul. 25’s run was 37:16, but so awesome. I’ve never trained anyone that PR’s almost every time!

We ran 5 minutes the first time and then 7 minutes every time with 1 minute walk breaks in between. Not my best times. I felt slow. I have to admit that I felt wimpy. The other two women who have started training with me are faster (and younger and cuter.....) . now I need to work on catching up with them (and maybe someday blowing past them) as a goal to improve my times.

Gotta get busy. We're planning on running 10 minutes at a time by this weekend.

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Julie Freeman said...

Signed up for the run today! So excited! You are doing so great congratulations. I wish Kaidree was training me!