Wednesday, July 23, 2008

To my loyal lurker in Japan:

Just wanted you to know that I haven't seen you around lately. I usually check my map to see if you visited that day.

Please come back. And leave a comment. Introduce yourself.

To the rest of my loyal lurkers: leave a comment, too. I'm curious as to who reads this.

Many thanks.


Haley said...

I read your blog! Love seeing what's going on.

Shanon said...

I am the mom of a cute little 6 year old boy with down syndrome. I'm not sure how I found your blog, but I enjoy reading about what your family is up to. We have 5 children and stay busy. I am amazed at your positive, upbeat attitude and that you set goals and actually DO them. Thanks for letting me take a peak into your life. Shanon

Karen said...

I am the mother of eight children. #5 is a 12 year old girl with down syndrome. I think I got here by following a comment you made somewhere about your little girl. Our little one had open heart surgery for a VSD at 7& 1/2 weeks.

I read your post about vacations, and I understand your stresses about camping with the love magnet. we started camping at hotels after our DS daughter was born. We started camping in tents again, but even this summer we want to camp but have to keep her in mind-(she doesn't want to use vault toilets/port a potty's and we don't want an unhappy girl, or a sick girl!) So we found a less remote place to camp with our tents, but it has running water/toilets and a pool(she loves swimming!)