Thursday, July 17, 2008

Running update:

Last night we had two more women join so our group numbered 5. K ran with me so we could do the extra mileage. I'm up to 2.5 miles running4:1 half the time and 3:1 (its all mixed together.)

For some reason this run was hard! I started a bit too fast and finished my first mile in a little over 12 minutes. My 2nd mile was much slower and the two miles averaged out to just over 13 minutes each. My feet felt heavy (probably due to my shoes being tied too tight) and my calves built up huge knots due to lactic acid. Surprisingly, it felt better to run than walk the last 1/4 mile because the knots worsened when I walked. My breathing was fine.

I don't know if I did anything wrong or if it was just a harder night or even an off night. I know this journey is not going to be cakewalk but it would be good to know if I need to do something differently.

Mr. Wonderful massaged the knots out of my calves for me. It hurt. The poor man had to listen to my "OW!" and groaning. Good thing he loves me.

Any suggestions appreciated. I plan on Googling some info. I post it if I find anything of significance.


CandyandLadybugs said...

Sorry you had a rough night. I had days like that when I was running. Keep up the good work! :)

Haley said...

Are you feeling under the weather? Are you running a lot faster than normal or a lot further than normal? Those things seem to make me feel about 20 pounds heavier in my feet. Who knows, it could have just been an off day. Hopefully you have a rest day tomorrow and can pick up and feel good for your next run.

Way to go! You're almost to the
5K distance right now.