Thursday, July 24, 2008

Running Update:

1st mile average 11:03 - (My goal is to hit the 10s.)
2 mile average – 12:08 (Best yet by 2 seconds)
Total distance ran - 2.66 miles – 12:18 average
Total 32:45

Run times: 4 minutes – 7 minutes – 4:40 minutes – 5 minutes – 7 minutes, with 1 minute walks in between. K emailed this: "Think of it this way – you only walked 5 minutes and 5 seconds out of the whole entire run. That is awesome improvement!" Yeah, she is my own personal cheerleader.

This run was hard. I don't think I was feeling the greatest that day but I was really looking forward to getting out and running. We were joined by three others in my group. They were so cute and fit and ran ahead of me most of the time. The looked great while I looked like I was about to die. Then, to add insult to injury, they would walk back to me during the breaks only to start running again and get waaaay ahead of me. It forced me to push when I felt like I was going to drop. My breathing was difficult - almost like my first two weeks all over again.

K used the last 1/2 mile of the run to teach me about the mental game. She told me to "Run to the tree" and when I was there she would remind me that I still felt okay (i.e. I didn't die) and encourage me to run to the next tree. I made it. I spent the next few hours gulping water and reading. It was hard to get to sleep last night.

Funny...Although my legs still feel a little tired this morning, I want to get out and run. Doggie Girl has been begging me to get her leash. I think I will head out for just a small run/walk tonight.

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Anna said...

do you realize how much you have improved in just a few weeks? go back and read your old posts in case you forget. I'm super impressed.