Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Remember when vacations were carefree?

Why is it so stressful to be the adult when on vacation with your kids?

I remember Lagoon days as something to look forward to when I was a child. Nonstop fun. Then I became an adult and had to plan the food, worry about where the kids were at all times, and endure the rides that, once so much fun, now induce vomiting nearly as fast smelling the meat counter at the grocery store during the first three months of my pregnancy.

I remember Disney World as something to look forward to when I was a child. It was so exotic, mainly because it was so far away from Utah and so close to my Georgia grandparents. Then I became an adult and had to plan the itinerary, worry about where my kids were at all times, and endure the heat and humidity. I have to admit there were fun times but I really felt like I needed a vacation when we got home.

The Ward Campout every year was so much fun. I remember making Smores for my mom (I didn't like chocolate back then so I wouldn't eat them myself. I know, weird.) Now, the idea of camping gives me stress like no other, mainly because I fear The Love Magnet's wandering tendencies and have nightmares of losing her in the mountains. Its exhausting following her around everywhere.

When on earth did I become a grumpy adult?

Now I am try to plan a short vacay that keeps failing due to the fact that I didn't think to book things LAST YEAR in prep for our plans this year. If things don't improve, we're going to have to do the Staycation. I finally have a beach house booked. At least I hope I do. I used a website that family and friends have recommended called Vacation Rentals By Owner. They have tested it for me and found it legit. I hope my booking isn't the exception.

The beach house looks great. My kids are bemoaning the fact THAT IT HAS NO TV. Helloooo? Isn't that the point of a family vacation? We're supposed to spend time as a family. There are so many cool things to do. I am even packing puzzles and games in case it rains. Hopefully my kids can learn how to de-plug. Unplug? In any case, I am telling them to leave the Gameboys and Playstation at home.

And my reward for all of this. A vacation to recover from vacation with the kids.

Truly, that sounded evil of me and I will repent. I love my children. This vacation will be great. Secondborn has agreed to be my running buddy. The kids have shown enthusiasm over the websites I've shown them on what to do in the area. Mr. Wonderful just needs a vacation where there are no demands placed on him. It will be wonderful just to be away.

I plan on waking early before the kids and enjoying the view from the deck with a cup of Steven's Gourmet Hazelnut Cocoa and any book by Jane Austen.

Oh, and before I forget....Mom and Daddy, thanks so much for taking us on family vacations every year. I never fully appreciated it until I grew up. That was true love, driving your family in the big yellow van cross-country for three days to reach Georgia....without DVD players in the car.....with occasionally vomiting/fighting/bored/whiny children. The only break you had was when we were asleep.

You were very, very brave.

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Matthew said...

Ahhh ... the fun yellow van with the bench seats. Older brother hogging the back bench. Older sisters hogging the middle benches. Little brother curled up on the ground between mom and dad's seats, enjoying the warmth of the engine. Sleeping on the floor of the van with luggage bounsing off of my head. Going over bumps and hitting our heads on the air conditioner in the back. 9 people packed into a van for days on end.

Good times.