Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Gratitudes

Yesterday was spent driving from my In-Loves to the Lehi house (still for sale, 15 months now, and the open house started 45 minutes late) and back. Then off to Deseret Book for scriptures, journal, and Preach My Gospel that Firstborn forgot to pack. Next to Target with 4 onery and hot children for the underwear that Firstborn forgot to pack, along with treats for him and treats for us.

Finally on the road to drop Firstborn off at my Sister-in-Loves house (who was going to take him to EFY on Monday). Finally the remaining three kids and I were on the road for our 5 1/2 hour trip home. Non eventful trips are good, even preferable, but they sure are boring.

We pulled into home to the huge welcome of Mr. Wonderful and Doggie girl. It was so good to be back. It was also date night, a bit late to go anywhere, and nothing planned. I expected to get the kids in bed and watch a movie. I really needed to go on my run and asked Mr. Wonderful if he would mind waiting. He didn't want to wait, he wanted to come with me. Mr. Wonderful is 6'4". His legs are waaaaaay longer than mine. I asked him if he would mind going at my pace (not a problem) as we laced up our shoes and put the youngest kids to bed.

Last night was one of those soft summer evenings. It was one of those clear nights that was perfect for stargazing - if we didn't live in Suburbia with its requisite street lamps. We took off on the usual route that K runs with me.

I've discovered some things that are great about date night runs:

1. They are cheap.

2. They are fat free (no movie popcorn, no pasta entrees, no counting calories/fat/fiber.)

3. We get to talk. What a novel concept! We broke date night rules and talked about the kids. We talked about the Utah house (the major cause of stress in our lives right now). My upcoming University studies. Happenings at Mr. Wonderful's office. Vacation plans. It was so much more enjoyable to me than our usual movies and dinner.

Mr. Wonderful tried to talk me into sprinting the last bit home. I declined, still having visions of third grade misery in my head. Maybe someday.

I've decided to take Mr. Wonderful to the running store to have Mike fit him for better shoes (he'll need them if he wants to train for triathlons). We'll plan more running date nights. Not all of them. We'll still have picnics, temple night, movie and dinner, and explore our areas date night attractions. But we now have a very budget friendly option.

So my gratitudes today are for Firstborn at EFY, noneventful trips, K getting me through my first four weeks of training (woo-hoo!), and Mr. Wonderful for being willing to run with me.


Anna said...

congrats on your firstborn attending EFY. I went twice and it was such a life changing experience. I hope he loves it.

CandyandLadybugs said...

How fun that you can run with Mr. Wonderful! That is awesome. One more thing you guys can do together. :) I will continue to pray for your house in Lehi. I know how stressful that can be.

Tammy and Parker said...

Loooved that recipe. Thanks!

And hoping that house!