Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Gratitudes

The Love Magnet's birthday party was yesterday. It was her first "friend" birthday party (the last two years we were involved in moves) and she had a great time playing with her friends. The rest of the day was spent having a lazy summer day. The whole experience made me realize how grateful I am for summer so here is my list of just some of those simple things:

1. Swimming with my kids and watching their excitement at mastering new techniques like floating or blowing bubbles underwater.

2. Family walks.

3. Being chosen by The Love Magnet as "the safest lap" when we're watching fireworks.

4. Getting new books at the library. Going home and dropping all housework responsibilities so we can start reading. Listening to my older boys reading to the younger two and using all the voices just like their mom.

5. Kiwi snow cones at the Sno Shack. (You have GOT to try these!) Actually their deliciousness ties with Kiwi and Lime swirled frozen yogurt at our fave fro-yo place. Topped with kiwi, blueberry and mango. Mmmmm!

6. Running on those days when it feels good to be out. Seeing the birds. Hearing the crickets. Not getting bit by mosquitoes(.....wait, that part hasn't happened yet.)

7. Summer vacays where we have Mr. Wonderful all to ourselves. The kind where he can turn off his cell phone. Sometimes the kids try to hide his cell phone. (Shhhhh, don't tell him.)

8. Exploring our still new to us state. I doubt we've even done 1/4 of what is available in our local area yet. Considering that we know none of its history, it has been great to get to know this place.

9. Getting excited over every new blooming flower in our yard and every new growing plant in our garden. The love Magnet loves to show me what she finds.

10. Visits from our cousins and friends. We love having you.

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