Friday, July 25, 2008

Running update:

Mile 1 - 12:02
Mile 2 - 12:24 (12:13 two mile average)
Mile 3 - 11:54 (12:06 three mile average)
Total: 3.1 Miles (5K) in 37:16. A 12:02 total average. That's another 16 seconds per mile PR.

Today was not as hard as yesterday. Still hard breathing but I think some of that is due to the icky air quality out here (all the smoke form the fires and nothing to clear it out). It felt good to be done. I can't believe we ran a 5K and only walked 3 minutes of that time.

I am exhausted as I had a lousy sleep last night - up a few times every hour. I'm going to bed early tonight and hope it means for a better rest in prep for tomorrow.

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