Monday, May 26, 2008

Happiness is...

Gingersnapspice has asked for her friends to make a Happy List. Here is mine:

1. Rain. Pouring rain. Watching pouring rain while wrapped in an extremely soft afghan and reading a great book. Add a cup of Stephens Gourmet Hazelnut or Mint Truffle Cocoa and I am in heaven. As soon as the rain stops, I head outside just to smell the earth washed clean.

2. Hugs from Mr. Wonderful. He is so tall that I fit perfectly underneath his chin. Once he wraps those arms around me I feel perfectly safe and all-is-right-with-the-world. There are days where I tell him that he can't leave for work, he has to stay right there and keep his arms around me. (Alas, he is responsible and heads for work anyway.)

3. Ordinary snail mail. Not bills. The kind of mail people used to get with cards filled with long letters. The I'm Thinking About You kind of mail. Now that it is rare in these days of emails and IMs it is all the more precious.

4. Watching my sons do something noble when they have no idea I am watching. When they are kind to each other, or helping someone without being asked. The kind of moments that make me so proud to be a mom.

5. Cooking food that everyone loves.

6. Jane Austen. I don't care if it is in book form, film, or even music. Give me documentaries, give me movies that take too many liberties with what Jane Austen's works should be. Most of all, I will take Jane Austen in her purest book form, preferably in combination with #1 followed by #2 (after all, he is my own private Mr. Darcy. It says so in his family history. Too bad my parents didn't name me Elizabeth.)

7. Tomatoes straight from the garden.

8. Beautiful music. Classical, jazz, inspirational. Any kind of music that brings peace to my soul.

9. Watching my daughter serve her mission, teaching unconditional love. Her hugs are better than medicine.

10. Date night. Its wonderful to get away with my Mr. Darcy. It doesn't matter what we do or where we go.


Chaotic Joy said...

I loved your list. And I feel the same way about Jane Austin. I am currently reworking my way through all her books and it's like an old friend.

Spice Girl said...

Ah, chocolate...Jane Austen...hugs from the mister. Life doesn't get much better than this, does it?