Friday, May 23, 2008

Things my daughter said during her first day back to school....

"That's my new friend." ( while pointing to everyone she passed in the hall)

"Aww, thanks so much!" (to givers of Chee-tos and potato chips)

"I love you, too, honey." (to everyone who was excited to see her back)

"You missed me!" (to everyone excited to see her back)

"Mom, STAY THERE! I do this by myself." (no explanation needed, right?)

There was a field trip scheduled today to a local park downtown. Since it was cold and raining, I opted not to send DD to school until the class came back to have a picnic during the last 30 minutes of school. There was no sense in me leaving her for half an hour so I packed the picnic basket for the two of us. DD did not want that, she fully expected me to go where I belonged - apparently I do not belong at school. It turns out that I was the only parent eating (the other parents just stood around) so I guess I truly didn't belong.

DD was welcomed with open arms and careful hugs. She smiled for pictures and wanted to share Oreos with everyone. I was interested in watching the reaction of her classmates. They must have been prepped yesterday on DD's return and how they have to be gentle around her. Every child was soft when putting their arms around my daughter.

What was really surprising was watching their interaction during the picnic. DD was patted on the head by one child. Another kept trying to play peek-a-boo with her as if she was 6 months old. Do these children see my daughter as much younger because she is a good head shorter than they are or do they think her behavior and mental ability rates far beneath a kindergartner? She is doing great in school, she knows her alphabet and sounds and is starting to read. She has kept up with the class in many ways. She is gone a bit for therapies. I wonder how these classmates see my daughter?

DD wanted none of the peek-a-boo. She ignored the boo-er who soon became bored and finished her own lunch. She dodged the hand that tried to pat her on the head. DD was not rude about it. She made sure that she spoke to as many as she could and told them "You missed me!"

I guess Mom (and her indignation at her child being treated like a baby) really doesn't belong at elementary school beyond the occasional volunteering. I have to have some reason to sneak in there to see how she is doing. Don't I?


CandyandLadybugs said...

Don't worry about not feeling welcomed by DD. Even my nonverbal students don't want to see their moms at school. Moms are for home, and teachers are for school. hehe! Not to say that you aren't welcome by us. It is just out of the ordinary for the students. We would love to see you there anytime you can make it. :-)

Spice Girl said...

I know what you mean...I volunteer in Samuel's class to listen to the other kids read and there are times that he barely acknowledges me. :( But I still need to see how he's doing with the other kids.

Haley said...

Isn't it funny how kids are? Jacob loves to have me at his school, but I think Trevor could care less whether or not I was around. When he gets to be J's age I'm sure he'll be doing exactly what DD is doing.

I love the stories of the kids patting her head and playing peek a boo. I'm sure they wanted her to know that they cared and didn't want to hurt her after surgery. How great that they didn't ignore her because of her "fragile" state. I love seeing what kids do.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie ,
Wow Lauren has grown up since I saw you guys ......Riley is doing Good he is going to go to preschool this fall .
when you get the chance check out riley's blog .