Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Gratitudes

I'm thankful for a family willing to pull together to get things done. Tonight I did not start cooking our Sunday dinner until Mr. Wonderful and Firstborn came home from their Home Teaching assignments. I cooked the grits and mixed and baked the cheese biscuits, Dear Son #2 unloaded the dishwasher and made the ambrosia salad, Firstborn loaded the dishwasher and cleared counters, Mr. Wonderful made the shrimp. Dinner got on the table and I wasn't worn out after it was all done.

I'm grateful for Mr. Wonderful insisting on respect by the kids for me. It seems to get across better coming from him. He teaches by example and by insisting on apologies and "repeats" so the boys can have an opportunity to try again. (Our sons are good kids for the most part, but they are typical kids.....)

I'm so very grateful for clean water. I thought about my parent's mission blog as I turned on the water to brush my teeth, as I washed my hair, as I made breakfast. Clean water is something that never crossed my mind before my parent's mission to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

I'm grateful that DD is doing so well. She is anxious to get her schedule back to normal. This week we head back to PCMC for her post-surgery checkup. If they give the okay, she will go back to school and to Primary. DD wants to see all of her friends, especially her best friend O.

I'm grateful for my kids love of their extended family. As fun as friends are, my children love being with their cousins the most.

I'm grateful for the sports programs. My two youngest boys had their last soccer games yesterday. The coaches were wonderful and my boys really enjoyed doing it. DS#2 is talking about competition soccer next year (which he doesn't realize he might have to choose between soccer and basketball). DS#3 is already wanting to look into karate. I'm glad they want to move. I am excited to get DD into something.

I'm grateful that Mr. Wonderful and the boys were able to enjoy Fathers & Sons together. They got there late but that didn't stop them from having fun. I sent rib-eye steak foil dinners so their tummies were happy. They played Capture the Flag until well past midnight. There was also swimming in hot springs and fishing. The boys needed that time with their dad. While they were gone, DD and I had a Girls Night In. We popped popcorn, watched movies, and read books. At first DD felt so left out that she wasn't invited to F&S but soon decided that she was happier with me. Poor Doggie Girl parked right by the garage door for a few hours, waiting for the boys to come back. Then she laid on the lower landing of the stairs where she could keep an eye on the door. Finally she went to bed, switching between the boys rooms through the night. She really missed them!

I'm grateful for an abundant pantry. We have enough for our needs and some to share. This week I finished batches of freezer jams (strawberry and mixed berry). I am eager to get my hands on apricots and peaches for more jam (some freezer and some hot water bath canned).

I'm grateful that everyone is healthy, happy, and HOME. That is the best feeling of all.


Anna said...

I vote you post recipes for jam and canning instructions! How is it you already have berries for jam making? you must have bought them.

Scarehaircare said...

Fresh strawberries and a frozen mixed berry (raspberries, blueberries, a loganberries). The only recipe I use is what Grandma S. taught me: the yellow box of MCP pectin. She refused to use anything else. Check her cupboards. I know I bought her at least 8 boxes last year when she said she couldn't find any at her grocery. I doubt that she used them.

Lily said...

I want to say how grateful I am for you today! I read your blog and I see this pretty perfect family. I see mama's in the kitchen and homemade jam. I feel less than, but you know a little of my health background with cronic fatigue and fibromyalgia so by 4:00 p.m. I am completely wiped out and my darling husband usually comes home to a dinnerless house and starts throwing something together. So today I thought I would use your talents as my own and I went back through several of your receipes and found Chicken Apple Crunch Salad and I just made it! So simple, so easy, so yummy! My husband will be thrilled!
Thank you for sharing your talents!! I will be borrowing them a lot ;-)