Friday, May 30, 2008

May Day, May Day, Perfect going down in flames.

In my quest for Perfect (the sooner I get there, the sooner I can be translated) I got up this morning and made a hot breakfast for my family (Cornmeal and Rye Waffles. Check my Epicuriosities. Top them with honey and banana. Mmmmmmm) and mentally planned my day. I was going to make sure the kitchen was clean and spotless. Get the laundry done. Reorganize laundry room and pantry. Start decluttering the garage in prep for food storage shelves. I am Super Mom, hear me roar (Smith Nation, are you laughing yet? Surely you can see the setup...)

Then I noticed DS#3. Three days ago I took him for a haircut and told the stylist to buzz his sides and back with a #2 and spike the top (I used my hand to show how long the spikes should be. It is a traditional summer haircut for my boys. One step away from a complete summer buzz cut). I then left them alone and sat in the waiting room, entertaining DD the Love Magnet. DS#3 came up to me after it was all done with ............ a Mohawk:

I was assured by the stylist that the Mohawk was temporary, just for that day. Well now it is three days later and this morning my Thirdborn still had the Mohawk. On top of that, I noticed face paint on his cheek......from Field Day two days ago.

Perfect was shot mercilessly out of the sky and crashed with a glorious KABOOM on the ground. I finally noticed my 7 yr old hasn't washed his hair or face............for three days.

I quickly checked my other children to see just how far away from Perfect I am: Secondborn was clean and dressed. Love Magnet was clean and dressed. Somehow Secondborn had slipped under my momdar.

I'm sure he was thrilled to keep his Mohawk this long. The question is: do I make him wash it out tonight or let him keep it one more day. It has to be gone by the Sabbath. That kid is NOT wearing a Mohawk to church.



I assure you that if only one out of 4 slipped under the momdar that's still pretty perfect. You did get me laughing thats for sure. I think I do the whole mental list in the morning and forget it when I have changed the baby because she has exploded and asked my son "Do you have to pee?" 30 times in a 10 minute span. Your stiil Super Mom in my mind. I am sure Mr. Wonderful would agree.

The Country Mouse said...

Aw, let him keep it one more day. And a little dirt never killed anybody. :)

MrsVJW said...

I like the Japanese attitude about perfection.... it's nice to strive for it, but wouldn't life be a lot less interesting once you actually got there?

And I can understand no mohawk at church.... but he obviously kinda like it. It's just hair.

Scarehaircare said...

Truly, I do not mind the mohawk. Its just that he is constantly playing air guitar ever since he got it. Its hard enough keeping him reverent at church without adding air guitar to the mix.

Angela said...

I say let him keep it all summer- church can be your day. It's just hair. The novelty of it will wear off if it's not too big of a deal to you. :)