Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Is anyone else feeling bombarded lately?

I'm talking about all the self-help books that claim they can turn my life around. The home decorating shows that imply my style won't be complete without the most high-tech home theater or professional-chef kitchen. The weight loss ads that promise readers that they can lose 30 lbs in 30 days (they can prove it, they have testimonials and REAL doctors!) Make your fortune on Ebay. Try our quiz to see how you rate. Drive this car. You're-not-a-good-mom-unless-you-feed/clothe/buy/teach-your children this way.

When did it become so difficult to be happy with what you have? Its hard enough keeping up with four kids who are allowed one activity each, do they really need more? Am I such a bad mom for not buying only organic food for my family? Do I really need to love myself and my planet more in order to find my true purpose in life?

What on earth is wrong with laugh lines? Why would I want to Botox them away?

In case you were wondering what started all of this............I made the mistake of standing in front of a wall of magazines at a local store. Most of the headliners were annoying. I'm tired of mags telling me I need to change. What about celebrating who I am: the average mom trying to do the best I can with what God has given me.

Speak up. Leave a comment. Does any of this bug you?


The Country Mouse said...

Yes, it bugs me a lot. The problem is that people can't sell you stuff unless and until they've convinced you that what you have/what you are isn't good enough. It's necessary for them to erode your sense of yourself until you want everything they have to offer. Preferably several of each.

I'm not immune, but I try to be mindful.


I agree with Country mouse. I am not immune eather. The funny thing is after reading your blog the other day I put you on my blogs I read each day. You know what I listed you as Super Mom. You seem so amazing and put together. I was only save October 2006 after my husband almost died in Iraq. Since then I have been working on making life the best it can be with less. Because in the end what you have dosn't matter. I glad you agree. God Bless You For Speaking Up

Liz said...

Oh, you made me laugh. A week or so ago I was reminding a friend of a presentation we went to for a mothers club YEARS ago, about stamping. And I reminded her that I'd leaned over and said, "just what I need. Something else to be inadequate at." And we laughed again.

That said, I've recently read a self-help book that DID make a difference to me: Woman's Field Guide to Exceptional Living. You'd get inspiration from it, as would the woman down the street, the nurse (or pediatrician) you see, all women hungry for "a little bit, or SOMETHING, more." Corrie Woods has a really engaging style and I just have to believe you'll take something away from the quotes, the artwork, the practical advice, the wisdom.

In the meantime, maybe stay away from women's magazines!

Anna said...

I agree it can be exhausting and frustrating and make it really difficult to be happy with what you have...I've been trying to be more happy in the moment lately. Thanks for the reminder.

Emily said...

Amen to that! I totally agree, I am so tired of tuning in to Oprah or other forms of media telling me one day to invest my money more efficiently and the next day to go out and buy the latest cool $700 pair of jeans.

Anyway (after this little shout-out in agreement from a stranger, lol), I am Emily, mom to Macy (almost 1 year old) who has DS and 2 wonderful older brothers. I found the link to your blog on the UDSF site and have enjoyed reading a bit. Macy also had open heart surgery at PCMC (when she was 5 months old) for an AV canal defect, she also had a mitral cleft.

I must say your DD is incredibely adorable! Seeing her makes me look forward to the future with Macy!

Scarehaircare said...

MAcy has a bright future. She is too cute for words.

I'm not immune to the media, either.

Soozcat said...

Oh, trust me, being a fat chick I am made WELL aware of how unacceptable I am in the eyes of American pop culture pundits. And yes, I'd like to lose some weight, simply because diabetes runs in my family. But I've come to realize so many of these magazines foment deep dissatisfaction because they are looking to MAKE SOME MONEY off people. If they can make you feel like crap, then their efforts to sell you Self-Esteem in a Bottle are more likely to pay off. It's poison, and I'm learning not to drink it.