Monday, May 19, 2008

Here Come The Bills...


Over the weekend we received the first bill for DD's heart surgery. As far as we can tell it is just the lab work.

5 pages of lab work.


How on earth can people afford this without insurance (or in the case of Praying for Parker, when your insurance refuses to pay any more)?

I could not begin to translate most of the lab language: CMPAT TST ANTIGLB TEACH EA for $222.06. Something about a plasma thaw for $109. Platelet something-or-other for $807. What is a Perfusionist? Those services cost $2362. There are a ton of blood gas , calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, and glucose. The last two pages seem to be only drugs.

Just wait till the bills come for the surgeons, anesthesiologist, PICU, and regular hospital stay. I am sure I am leaving a ton of people out.

Let me add a Monday gratitude: OUR INSURANCE! (I sure hope I do not have to eat those words later. I shouldn't.)


Smith Nation said...

I really enjoyed your blog. I will be praying for Parker. Thanks for the good read.

Spice Girl said...

I remember being completely blown away with my mom's neurosurgery bills. Wow. I think her head eventually cost over a million dollars. Really.

After my leg surgery, Bill joked that I had a bionic leg. The blood thinners alone cost somewhere around $2K. Insurance is a good thing.