Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sunday Gratitudes


I am so grateful for all of the fasting and prayers by family, ward and stake family, friends, teachers and aides, Cookies, loyal blog lurkers, and complete strangers on the street (in the airplane, yarnshop, grocery stores...)

I am so grateful that Mr. Wonderful hold the priesthood and is always worthy to give our children blessings. He is my sweetheart, my honey, my Mr. Darcy, and my rock.

I am grateful for the support of family members and friends coming to the hospital, knowing that I needed the emotional support.

I am grateful for the expertise of doctors, surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and all other -ologists, -eons, and -ses and specialists that cared for my daughter. Primary Children's Medical Center is a wonderful place. Even the people who delivered my daughter's food (DD called them pizza-people) were sweet and caring. I must give special thanks to Nurses Kim, Emily, Kelly, Pam, Janie, and Ashley for putting up with me while they took care of my daughter. Kelly, you are the Saint among nurses for putting up with all my odd questions while waiting for 6 hours to escort us from PICU to the 3rd floor)

I am grateful for having met Reagan's family. You have blessed my life by your presence and sharing your incredible story with me while we were all in the PICU. Thanks also for the guitar music. It soothed me as much as it did DD. We will continue to add Reagan and your family to our prayers.

I am grateful for modern medicine that provided the knowlege to be able to fix DD's heart.

Most of all I thank Thee dear Heavenly Father for sending my daughter to me. I thank my Savior Jesus Christ, for bearing me up in such a time, knowing that Thou knowest my heart better than anyone. I have been so blessed this past week with strength and courage and overwhelming love. Yet again, I have seen the hand of Heavenly Father in the life of my daughter. I know His Plan is so much better than my plan, even though I do not understand it. My testimony has been strengthened again in knowing of Our Father's love for all of His children.

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