Sunday, May 04, 2008

Up this morning and waiting for the doctors to make their rounds. One came in early to tell me that the echocardiogram looked great and she thinks that DD's surgeon will release her today. DD had a great night. She did have 30 minutes where her oxy sat levels were 85. They started watching her closely to see if she would need oxygen (which would mean she wouldn't be released today) but her sat levels went back up to 92-95 so she was spared the canula.

DD woke up this morning sore from no getting meds last night. She slept so peacefully that the nurse decided not to wake her up. This morning, as sore as she was, DD wouldn't take her meds. She refused over and over. Finally I told her that I was sad that she was so sore. She reached over and pulled me down so she could kiss me on the forehead. Then she took her meds without any complaint. Oh, yes, she is feeling very much back to normal and up to her usual tricks.

Breakfast is ordered (frosted mini-wheats, banana, and oj) and she just finished watching one of her favorite movies while cuddled up to the pink elephant her best friend gave her.

On the bed is a package Mr. Wonderful and the boys brought with them. It is from my Darling Cookies. They send DD a Vermont Teddy Bear with a blue tutu. DD was so enchanted with it! Blue is her favorite color. She loved the bear. I'm feeling the love from my Cookies. Yesterday I was so cold so I wrapped myself in Chrissy's Hug and thought about my Cookies. I will be glad to catch up with them next week online. Thank you, my Darling Cookies!

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Dogmama13 said...

My precious Carrie, this truly is a blessing from the Lord. It is especially sweet that it is on the Lord's day! All glory and honor and praise to His name and for these blessings He so generously gives. I am so glad Lauren loves her bear. Naturally, Marina is the gift fairy! Hugs, Barbara (in SD)