Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy 17h Anniversary

Today is the 17th anniversary of the best decision I ever made. Mr. Wonderful aka Mr. Darcy (truly he is a Darcy, it says so in his family history. I kid you not.) is the best thing that has ever happened to me. To this day, he still rolls his eyes whenever I tell them him that. If I tell him he is the most handsome man on the planet (don't argue with me, he is!) then I get a reply about my failing eyesight. He also happens to be the most amazing kisser but he would be embarrassed if I told you that.

I would love to post a picture to show you how young (and thin) we both were but the scanner isn't working. Maybe my twin sis has a pic to send me. She could also show you a picture of me on her wedding day two years before. I looked miserable (I was). It felt like my right arm was being cut off. It was hard to lose her to the 2nd most handsome man on the planet (don't argue, he is!).

17 years. I love him more now than I did then, which I never thought could be possible given how much in love with him I was on our wedding day. My favorite part of my wedding? The next day. I was finally Mrs. Wonderful aka Mrs Darcy. We had a quiet drive to Jackson Hole Wyoming where we had a quiet honeymoon. Just being married to him with no more stress of wedding planning was divine.

Memories of my wedding:

Crying because it rained (hard!) on my wedding day. We had very few pictures at the Salt Lake Temple.

Spending time in the Celestial Room before the sealing, my heart pounding so hard because the day was finally here (and I didn't care by this point how hard it was raining...)

Being sealed by Farrell Bell, who was the missionary who taught my dad's parents the gospel in southern Georgia in the early 1940s. Thanks to him and his companion and the Holy Ghost, my grandparents gained testimonies and were baptized. Being sealed by this man was an incredible experience. It was emotional for him to see a room filled with our family who had been sealed in the temple. We will forever be grateful to him for his desire to serve a mission.

My twin sis sitting down at the church we used for our reception. She disappeared. It turns out that the material chosen for the bridesmaids was the same material used for the upholstery on all the couches at the church. (I wanted black material for my bridesmaids dresses but my mom thought it looked too morbid.....)

Mr. Wonderful was threatened by my Grandma to not get cake on my dress (she spent hours beading my dress for me). Mr. Wonderful somehow fed me cake in a way that completely filled my mouth (without even smudging my lipstick!) so I couldn't speak at all, or even chew for that matter. My dad announced that it would be the only time my husband would hear silence in our marriage. The photographer snapped a picture of Mr. Wonderful smiling in satisfaction and me speechless.

Leaving the reception in a friend's car and my family shocked that they decorated the wrong car. We came back and switched cars. It took a long time to clean that car. We found oatmeal under the hood nearly a year later.

Good memories.

(apparently after I left, my two youngest brothers ages 10 and 8 at the time put on a show dancing in their tuxes. There is a picture of them flexing their muscles with their ribcage showing much more than muscles.....)


Anna said...

my mom thought black dresses would be funeral-esque until she saw a photo where they did that at another wedding. I don't remember your wedding very well, but I do remember Christy's....and stealing frosting from her cake...yikes.

Farrell and Marilyn Barlow said...

You are just like your dad, "Never knew a story which couldn't get better by retelling it". It's been 17 years and you are still moaning about not having black at your wedding. Get over it!!
Your terrible mother who wouldn't let you have black bridesmaid dresses.
PS: you never remember to tell that NO ONE had black bridesmaid dresses 17 years ago. You were just way before your time.

Lily said...

Happy Anniversary!