Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Post Surgery Results

Road trip yesterday to SLC in prep for DD's post-surgery checkup at PCMC.


The weather was fine. DD did great, although I suspect she was a bit lonely with no one to entertain her. She kept asking me to look at what she drew and to please hand her a drink/cheese stick/banana/chocolate mint.

(By the way, have you tried Chocolate-Dipped Altoids? They are divine. DD knows I always have a tin of CDAs in my purse.)


We made it to my twin-sis' house near dinnertime.

She made a yummy meal in the slowcooker - something my brother dubbed "Golden Delicious Goodness". DD was in heaven since rice was served. We went to bed at 10 pm in prep for the next day.

Our appt. at PCMC was for 8:00 a.m. We woke up to rain. Traffic was not bad and we made it in good time. DD immediately started in on her favorite activity before the nurse came to get her:


I know you are dying for a verdict: the cardiologist heard not even a heart murmur, said her heart looked smaller in the x-ray, EKG looked good, AND he DOES NOT anticipate DD ever needing heart surgery again.

Can ya'll give me a big WOO-HOO!

DD's steri-strips were removed and the nurse gave us special wipes to help remove the adhesive when we got home. We then took off for the PICU to see Parker. Parker was awake, laying on his stomach quietly and watching Signing Time.


DD was thrilled to see that he had the same taste in videos that she did. We found Parker's mom semi-asleep in the PICU waiting room. It was wonderful to meet her (although we truly wish it did not have to be because Parker was in the hospital again). We did not stay long as Tammy needed to get back to Parker. She told us that Parker was expected to be release today, too.


Can ya'll give me another big WOO-HOO for Parker?

Our drive home was non-eventful (the very best kind). DD's first item of business was to swim in our big tub. After almost three weeks of no baths, she was eager to get in water. At dinner tonight, she ate three big helpings of spaghetti and then ensconced herself in front of the TV with a bowl of popcorn and more Signing Time videos. She earned it after being so good today.

Life is beautiful at this house.


Smith Nation said...

Woo-Hoo sounds like things went well. Prayers are with you.

Monica said...

I second that!!!! woo-hoooo!!! I am truly so happy for you all!

Lily said...

Woo-Hoo is right! I am happy for you! said...

We LOVED! LOVED! LOVED! meeting you two!

Maybe next time I'll be more awake and have my teeth brushed. :)

Thank you so much for finding us and for the incredible gift for Parker.