Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Gratitudes

First of all I need to express gratitude for my marriage. Mr. Wonderful and I work hard at our marriage. Date night is important at our house, whether it is going out or staying in. We rarely miss a week. Our children know how important we are to each other. For this anniversary they surprised us with a homemade cake. Lots of frosting and sprinkles. They were so proud. I love that they know how important this celebration is to us.

As it is Mother's day today, I need to share my gratitude for each of my kids with pictures taken this morning during breakfast. First of all, my Firstborn. As much as he drives me crazy at times, he is also responsible and very caring for his younger sibs. (He's not grumpy in the pic, he just has a mouth full of breakfast.)

Then there is my Second born. He is full of compassion for the people around him, particularly those who are lonely or those who do not fit in.

My Third born is my most sensitive. He is quick to tune in to those around him and is constantly sharing his love and strength.

Then there is my Sweetheart. She is the love-magnet of our family.

Every year the kids help Mr. Wonderful make a huge breakfast for me. Its served on a platter (really it's too big for me) and the kids have fun helping me eat it. Mr. Wonderful has thanked me every day without fail for the meals I fix. He also makes sure that the kids speak to me with respect. Much gratitude to Mr. Wonderful for teaching our kids the importance of mothers and teaching them by his example how to show respect for me on a daily basis.
On my first Mother's Day in our first house, Mr. Wonderful and DS#1 presented me with a rose bush that DS had picked out. It was planted right near the front door. Each child that came into our family subsequently presented me with a rosebush (with help from Mr. Wonderful) for that first Mother's day. I had four rosebushes in red, yellow, white and a peace rose. While they were in bloom, each child was allowed to pick a rose for me from his or her bush. I was a bit teary when we moved since we had to leave those roses behind. This Mother's Day, the children presented me with four rose bushes each one had picked out. DS#1 picked a white rose bush, DS#2 a peace rose, DS#3 a yellow rose, and DD a lavender rose. They will be planted today in our back yard by the patio. I'm thrilled at this sweet gesture.

I must share my gratitude today for my own mom who is working so hard in the DR Congo. I am counting down the days until I can see her again (less than 5 months!). I am immensely proud of her for being so willing (and brave!) to head to a strange country and culture to share her knowledge and love.


Monica said...

You have a very beautiful family!! Thanks for sharing~

mum2brady said...

Carrie - what a wonderful tradition - I love it! I can imagine being teary about leaving the bushes behind, but I'm so happy you have new ones!!! So happy that Lauren is doing so well - she is just amazing!!! Wish we could have seen you, maybe we'll get up your way one of these days :) If you're down here, please call - I'd love to visit or do lunch or something!!!

Happy belated Mother's Day!!!