Sunday, May 04, 2008

Actually, we are heading to Grandma and Grandpa's. DD took one look at her untouched breakfast when the doctors announced she could go home and added her own announcement:
"I don't want mini-wheats. I want 'ta-toes and gwavy."
(I think we can accomodate her. After all, Grandma's mashed potatoes are legendary and the hospital taters can't even compete. It's Sunday and Grandma always makes mashed potatoes. )
As soon as we get to the In-Loves I will be booking a flight back to Idaho.
Please excuse me now......this situation calls for a Snoopy-style Happy Dance.......

4 comments: said...

Ah! And here we were all set visit and bring treats tomorrow! Shoot!

I mean not shoot that your beautiful one is doing so dang well, but shoot that we won't be able to meet up.

We've kept you in our prayers. Hugs~

CandyandLadybugs said...

HOLY COW! That is awesome and FAST! I'm so glad that DD is doign soooooooooooo well. I can't wait to see her. That is the best news. Thanks I needed that! :)

mum2brady said...

Whooo hooooooo sooooo happy for you!!!!

Angela said...

Isn't modern technology amazing? Yeah!!! John and I thought we had plenty of time to make a drop in visit but I guess not. Darn it and not darn it. We'd love to come see you if you haven't left already. If so give Lauren 2 giant hugs from us and tell her we love her. Tell the whole family we love them too.